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April 18, 2006


Don't let stick-figure Jack die!

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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Thigh shot!

The sound effects were incredible.

Man, I was sliced up so many times.....sandwiches, anyone?

Oh! Uh....third?

if you go back again with a new browser, it's different. NOT that i've played it enough to have used a new browser or anything, sir. in case you are reading this.

Where's Jack's JackSack™?

I keep getting squished by boulders. No matter how fast I click on the lights.

Wolfie! Where ya been?

wolfie hides in the shadows

I suck. I was sliced and diced in about 30 seconds.

*goes to find left-over Easter chocolate for solace*

30 seconds? I was dead four times by then. Maybe I should read the instrux.


is there an end? I can't beat the ninja room

MOTW - I groped in the shadows. Still couldn't find her! Glad she emerged from the blurk.

i hatehatehate games like that. i wanted to love it. i tried to love it. but, every time i played, i kept getting sliced into a gajillion pieces. i suck (at games like that. which i hatehatehate)

Has anyone else recognized this as a bare bones version of Dragon's Lair?

does anyone else *coughgeezercough* remember the episode of 'WKRP in Cincinnati' where Dr. Johnny Fever is on the air doing a reaction-time under-the-influence test and as he drinks more his reactions get better? That would be the only way I could succeed at this game...

Geez, Gamer, I hadn't 'til you mentioned it.

Hello! And welcome to Dungeon Escape, my very silly and very low-budget flash tribute to the classic laserdisc games like Dragon's Lair, Space Ace, and Super Don Quixote (well, that last one's not quite so famous, but it holds fond childhood memories for me). At the moment there are many rooms missing, but I'm constantly adding more, so check back from time to time.

As more rooms materialize, I will split the game up into a more Dragon's Lair-like modular style, where the rooms are shuffled a bit and failing a room lets you continue on to the next room, with the failed room showing up later. Right now, alas, it more closely resembles Esh's Arunmilla, where if you fail a room you have to do that same room over and over until you run out of lives or pass it.


insom - I am the same way shooting pool. To a certain point, of course...

Me, too, djT! (about the pool/drinking ratio)

But I was crappy at this.

Must drink more.

(or at least start)

Ahh! I killed Jack! I'll never forgive myself.


Insom - love WKRP, and do remember that ep.

Olo - want some of my chocolate?

Good thing no one else is home. They'd probably think I'm insane since I've spent the last 15 minutes yelling, "I clicked there!" at my computer.

Bumble-Same here. I didn't get chopped into pieces or anything.

I think if it were a "Jack" stick figure, it would have no problem taking care of it self

ohh pretty flashing lights! *gets distracted by the pretty lights and is chopped into a million pieces*
gah. I got far until I died in that one part where the skeleton falls on you.


Well, I guess that will learn me to read the rest of the page.

In the words of the philosopher: D'Oh!

my latest death was at the room where you climb up the skeletons to escape the goo

Aw, crap, is this addictive!!

i am the best in the world i could do all ov us in

Yay! Finished it!

It was quite hard actually.

I feel prou... ok, maybe not.

Guess which pathetic sod FINALLY got through to the end TWO MONTHS after this game was posted?

Not that I played it for two solid months, I'm just saying...

I fought the giant face and won. :)

I like that... huh!


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