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April 24, 2006


Ours is but to ask a guy.

(Thanks to Catherine Conner)

UPDATE: Turns out this could be art.

(Thanks to Mike Antonucci)


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Taking recycling to a new high - or low, as the boobs may be, to paraphrase!!!

'Nipples' can be fashioned from marbles, or blue-tac, in a traditional manner.

They've apparently got some interesting traditions over there in the UK.



*waits for kudos*

I never really thought plastic bags were suitable for carrying melons...

that would be way too complicated for a guy. besides, dont they want to take them off instead of put them on?

Congrats to El for FIRST!
Paper or plastic?

plastic bras,
what's next, paper implants?

queensbee - the Zip-Loc feature makes for easy removal!!!

Oh come now. If you ask a guy, he'll tell you that bras are optional and wearing them should be discouraged at all times.

Let your girls breathe free!!


*High-fives fivver*

You won't be saying that when the 'puppies' are sniffing at the knees.

Wow Mr. C. Great minds, same gutter!

Annie - It's still a beautiful thing. Just prop them babies up on my shoulders.

The plastic thong is a definite sweat liability.

Guy: "Honey, what is that crinkling noise coming from your assal area?"

Girl: "Oh, that's my new Albertson's thong. When it gets too sweaty, I simply take it back to the store for recycling"

*SNORK* at Punkin's "assal area"...

Mr. Completely -

"Hey!" *slaps Mr Completely for looking at her assal area*

Punkin Poo - the article didn't mention this, but you're supposed to take your groceries out of the bags before you use them.

Punkin - Ow! But YOU said it!!

Thanks for the tip, Annie!

*removes painful can of peas from assal bag*

How did you pee in your assal bag?

The Retired and Senior Volunteer Program at the "Paducah-McCracken County Senior Citizens Center is sponsoring the [decorated bra] exhibit in conjunction with the American Quilter's Society Quilt Show & Contest for the second year."

Whoo-hoo! We just got a group of these retired and senior volunteers here at the hospital! I have to rush upstairs to their office and point out what other enterprising groups are doing!

i'll never look at the publix bag boys the same..

Make sure you keep the plastic bags out of the reach of small children.

It is perfectly all right, however, to let Big Children (men) touch them ... merely sayin' ...

And to think I load all my plasic grocery bags with kitty box scoops.....

*steps in, removes bra, waits for Mr. C*

"Help you out with your groceries, ma'am?" ...freakin' perv!

Coast ~ Just fine, thank you.

So ... is this, then, a new euphemism for "ramparts" ???

I sure do like your "groceries" babe!

*Stands up, applauds Suzy Q.*

Give the girl a big hand!

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