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April 08, 2006


I'm sitting here in the airport in San Luis Obispo, and they just announced that, because of a mechanical problem, my flight to Los Angeles has been delayed "until it is light."

UPDATE: I made it to Los Angeles in time to get on my Miami flight, where the captain has just announced that the right engine will not start. So the flight is delayed while they decide whether we should just go ahead and fly to Miami on the one engine, or what. I personally don't care, because the way this day is going, if I ever get to Miami it will have been destroyed by a tsunami anyway.


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You'll get there faster walking.

Maybe something interesting will happen while you wait.

Apparently the "mechanical problem" is a broken headlight.

Take the bus, Dave! Save yourself!

What, are the headlights broken?

Time to switch to Hooters Air, Dave.


*waves to Shannon, who wasn't there when I posted my comment*

Gotta make sure der aint no goats on da runway!

where's san luis obisbo (other than CA)

daisy who's in san antonio, TX

(Hook 'em Horns)

No, they are referring to its weight. They noticed that the airplane is big and heavy and stuff, so it can't get into the air until it's lighter. duh.


"until it is light" means until the sun comes up - that big yellow ball - and lets the pilots see.

Glad to help, Dave.

Have a nice flight. Are they charging you $2 for a pillow?

...or maybe they need daylight to see exactly which part of the fusilage fell off overnight: "Dang...I know this must fit somewhere, cuz I'm pretty sure it wasn't here before the earthquake."

OK, they're clearly stallin' - this can only mean one of two things

either they can't find the pilot, or they've found him and they need time to sober him up

rent a car Dave - please, rent a car

Well, your flight has to wait until it is light. So when they finally announce that your flight is light, then I hope your light flight is quite alright! See you here on the 29th.

daisymae, San Luis Obispo is about a 3 and a half hour drive north of Los Angeles. It's near the coast and the largest town (pop. roughly 50,000) near Hearst Castle. There's a state university there. When I lived there, the opening of the town's first escalator made the front page. (It only goes up, not down.)

The San Luis Obispo area is beautiful. If I could afford it, I'd live around there. Housing prices there are insane, though.

Maybe the announcer was Asian and he was trying to say "right." Hey, it could happen....

Yeah, whut y'all said ...

Dave, if I hadda go to LA again (mebbe never? depends on the job ...) and I wuz in SLO ... I'd drive ... the scenery looks interestin' and I'd take a little time off for scenic overlooks and leisurely breakfasts and stuff ... the traffic shouldn't be anything worse than horrendous on a Saturday ... merely thinkin' so, NEway ...

Wavey - housing prices in all of CA are INSANE ... I tell folks whut my son paid for his townhouse in West Fargo, ND and they say a similar property (in various places around CA) would be in the range of four to eight times as much ...

Where MB(RH?) and I live, we paid about 11 cents on the dollar compared to whut my son paid (ours is not the same, but it's an illustration of the comparitive costs ... a similar one in Beulahla, ND would be about half whut he paid ... merely sayin' ... from a person who has a house/lot/garages for which I can't get an offer of $5K ...

Real estate axiom: Location, Location, Location ...

Maybe there's a really really heavy person on the plane, and the airline is waiting for him to wobble off?

I'm going to be heading to Suffolk, VA soon. I hope none of my flights are delayed until they get light, because that would mean the airline was waiting for me to get off the plane!

Good luck Dave. I've flown in and out of that airport.
That's all I can say.

Watch out for snakes. I've heard that there are snakes on planes these days.

Is there something wrong with the phalange?

Unless Samuel L. Jackson is also on the plane, you're pretty much, most likely, probably gonna have a snake-free flight.

It's 9:12a.m. PDT.

Are you in the air yet, Dave?

I believe my 12:12p.m. (blog time) post may be the FIRST post to comment on the update.

Don't worry. As long as there is no rain everything will be fine. OooooooPs!!!!!!

Better turn on Fox News Dave. Miami was just destroyed by a really bad case of the clap.

Good thing they didn't try and fly that way. It would have been like being in a boat... you would have flown in circles the whole way there.

Maybe I'm just old fashioned, but I REALLY like it when BOTH engines are working from take-off through landing.BTW, O.The U.(manity),-Although Fargo is the Hotbed of Oh-So-Beautiful Corn Palace,housing prices have surprisingly stayed very reasonable.Your son has made the responsible choice to avoid L.A.!~

So Dave...are you there yet? Last your loyal bloglits heard, it was still one engine down and one to go.

Dave - I recently flew on an insanely small plane from Ft. Lauderdale to Orlando (flying time approx. 48 min.). It definitely needed both engines. The passenger area had one seat on one side and two seats on the other. I was in seat 12A (window/aisle combo) and I was almost in the back of the plane. I knew I was in trouble when I had to exit the jetway to the ground and then climb a ladder to get on the plane, which looked like a Lear jet (tiny plane). We barely took off before we were landing.

All that, and it was one of the smoothest flights I've ever been on. We did have two engines, which I highly recommend.

daisymae ... we often fly on that type of "aircraft" when we're goin' home or back to work ... the part from-to Bismarck/Denver ... HOWever, we once flew on an even smaller one (two engines, but they had those spinny thingies in front -- and they were NOISY!) ... from Ontario to LAX, then we got on an Airbus to Denver, and then (again) the little (but not littlest) one ...

Apparently that wuz the least costly way to do it, for us ... a couple of co-workers tho, flew from Ontario (that same day) to Phoenix to Denver ... where they were even later than we were, after sitting in LAX for about two hours ... we all made the flight connection tho ... and we're all still perty much in one piece ... except for this tooth I had pulled ... merely sayin' ...

... and ... Dave, if the right engine din't start, why din't the pilot try the wrong one?

Tiny had it right - today they pulled a pilot off a flight from LA to Philadelphia because a passenger smelled liquor on his breath. Sure enough, he was 'lit' (not 'light'). IANMTU.

Entry level homes where I live start in the high $500,000.

Dave - sorry I missed ya in SLO. One of my best buddies saw your show and said she pee'd her pants from laughing so hard. Perhaps you should recommend Depends to your audience.
Writerdude called me this morning to tell me you were in town but I was at my dad's in SB. If the walls of my father's house could talk, they would tell you many tales of writerdude's youth.
Next time you're in town, I'll show ya around (and it won't include a tour of the one room airport).

You blogged the update while you were on the plane? How did you do that?

He's Dave. He wrote the blog on paper, then handed the paper to the stewardes..er, flight attendant, who passed it on to the captain, who radioed it to the tower. The tower then called Judi, who blogged it for him. That's the kind of power Dave has.

Fortunately, Miami will become much a better place to be . . . but not until it is light.

trust german boy dog man all

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