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April 26, 2006


Be on the lookout for the usual suspects.

(Thanks to fivver)


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I'd say "Call Jack!', but we'd all end up blown up or riddled with thigh bullets as he "saved" us!

"The anthrax case is the result of a counting error". And these guys are scientists? I can't wait for their research to be published. And...first?

You know, I work in a university that has a nuclear reactor on campus and by strange coincidence, we have a large number of "researchers" from terrorist infested countries who apply for leaves/school/training here.

Nobody seems to notice the coincidence. Good to know if the nuclear reactor goes, I don't have to worry, it is just an 'accounting error'.

I'm pretty sure that in New Jersey, bio-terror infested rats are considered pets. Mostly, the bio-terror stuff pales in comparison to the standard exposure levels across the state.

Somewhere North --
University of Illinois and University of Chicago are the same way. Imagine the horror of finding out that your roommate is actually another sleeper agent.

There are some very good arguments for keeping the public in the dark about things. A few missing rodents seem to be able to cause unnecesSCary panic on SO many different levels. They shouldda kept their hats over this one.

*feels a little feverish*

Of course, "Plague Infested Mouse and the Anthrax Spores" wbagnfarb

I work in a research building in Boston. Almost all of them are Brilliant in what they are working on. But if it wasn't for the administrative staff. They would lose everything. Common sense is not common in this field.

me, liveing about 45 min. from Newark, migh and should be a little worried, but strangely, I'm not

oh, wait, jack is in california, now I'm worried

Don't worry, Camo. If you've watched the show, Jack can get on the 5 fwy and be anywhere in ten minutes.

This was probably tough for Judi to blog, as it's not really humorous. More on the crazy, scary side. For any decently schooled scientist, when you get into handling these materials you stop being absent minded. Scientist's minds do wander and that's a great thing. With the scary stuff, we have levels of protection that escalate and there is no excuse.

It's a shame we are having so much trouble staffing our Math/ Science/ Engineering positions that we allow unknown persons or slackers into responsible positions.

Annie -

Any time I get on the 5, after 10 minutes ... I'm on the 5 ...

Do you suppose I could sign up for a remedial "Drivin' the 5" course from Jack?

I live about 20 minutes from Newark and I worry every once in a while - what if the rats got on the bus and came here? BTW, there was a woman in L.A. with a case of the plague (http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20060419/ap_on_he_me/brf_bubonic_plague - couldn't figure how to link), so maybe the rats went to Newark Liberty and caught a flight....

O the U - My experience has always been more like after 10 minutes of TRYING to get on the 5 - I'm still on the on ramp. One of many reasons I moved out of the LA area.

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