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April 17, 2006


Here comes DEA Guy.

(Thanks to chicomathmom, first of many)


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Speaking of so much wrong with something. By time this guy is through with his suit he'll have shot himself in the foot figuratively as well as literally.

Next thing you know, Britney and K-Fed will be suing the Papparazzi for making them look like white trash.

*does fourth first happy dance*

WOO-HOO Simulfirst.

Watch out fivver, people are gonna start talkin'

A double simul Sarcasmo! Was it good for you too?!

Toooooo funny ... yea, me-thinks he is shooting himself in the foot again - this guy shuld get a job as guard watching paint try on security cams

Should we leave you two alone?

um, who's the Numanuma guy?

i'll put a link up, sarah.

Thanks judi!!! }i{

um, the new link goes to the old blog page, which doesn't link to the video, I'm guessing it's a video, but whatever it is, that linky no worky

Guns dont kill people...
They lodge projectiles into your foot and lead to public humiliation that makes you wish they killed people.

yeah i noticed; it's fixed now, sarah.

it's still part of the classroom demonstration! this part is about how , even if you're an idiot, are seen to be an idiot on tape, you can still find sombody to sue!!!

I don't know if you can sue someone else for making you look foolish if you really are foolish.

Wow! Insom and SN- simulpost/simuthought

He also notes that he is no longer "permitted or able to give educational motivational speeches and presentations."

Sheesh! You disarm one firearm in a roomful of kids...

"Disarm"? How about "discharge"?

He should be disarmed. I, on the other hand, should never have been discharged.

Russian Roulette with IQ points...
"So tell me, do you feel lucky? Or just stupid?"

That was one of the funniest videos I ever saw. The best was after he shot himself with the "unloaded" Glock, he pulls out an AK-47 and the kids freak out, yet he tells them that that too is unloaded.

"Ya see how accidents can happen?" (Yeah, I meant to do that to show yuse kids how accidents can happen)

DEA = Dumb Educational A$$hole

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