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April 12, 2006


WBAGNFARB. As would Toothpaste Squirts.

(Thanks to Russell Mc)


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I saw this once on Jacques Cousteau.
Very cool. Or would that be Hot.

Toxic cavity would also BAGNFARB

Hey, we hafta take what we can get...

"The bodies of fish, squid and crustaceans rot within this moat and bright red bristle worms feed on the bacteria that slough off their carcasses."

Which reminds me I need to do my taxes...

Other science facts you wouldn't want to see in your own children (probably).

I had the toothpaste squirts once, but then I took some Pepto and was fine...

MOAT of Death would also BAGNFARB.

Bah! Serves me right for not being able to comprehend what I read!

Talk about yer close brush with famiosity - I know Hubert Staudigel and his family.

I like 'Toothpaste and Pillows'.

YAY for pahoehoe basaltic lava flows!!

and this was posted mainly 'cause it's about a MOAT. please make a note of it. ;)

The problem, Judi, is that the moat kept us from getting to the main point of discussion, out fear that we would succumb to it!
That's just what moats do... .

OK, I am sick, just plain SICK, of the Blog trying to save money by posting the same pictures over and over again. Every time I click on something, there's a picture os a bunch of squiggly yucky things all twined around some blob; and I don't care how you PhotoShop it, I know that it's all the same squiggles and blob. And why not? when you've seen one set of Squigs'n'Blobs, you've seen'em all.
I refuse to look at any more pictures until I have a signed affidavit from Judi Herself stating that I won't be looking at squiggles and blobs -- OR at Barry Manilow.
Well, actuallly, that's redundant, too.
*End of rant*

"Moat of Death?!?!?!?!"

hold me

I can imagine the guilt trip mom would be able to produce with that.

"...and here, when you were just a little hatchling, I sacrificed myself for you, and for what?"

Holds Slyeyes tightly, wrapped in a blanket, as scientology teaches us to do with all Moats of Death... .

Nafanua would also BAGNFARB.

Hmmm. Maybe for Haloween, eh?

[sets lawn chair in corner and stakes and strings a small bit of turf "just in case"]

toothpaste squirts
moats of death

I couldn't figure out what toothpaste squirts had to do with volcanoes, so I stopped looking at the ads and just kept reading. There, three quarters of the way through the article, it was..."toothpaste squirts"...you know, it WBAGNFARB!

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