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April 22, 2006


Reggie the Alligator is back.

(Thanks to Ted Habte-Mullet)


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They should offer a reward for killing the gator by hitting it with a golf ball.

Ahhh....the sixth hole....

(I gut nuthin')

Is Ted so fond of mullets that he even changed his name?

southerngirl - I think Ted is pronouncing his new last name in the FRENCH manner - "Mull-ay".

They spotted the 'gator?

Using non-toxic colors, one may only hope ... merely sayin' ...

O.the U - I think alligator spotting is kinda like extreme cow tipping. Its all the rage down there.

CR ... I'm assumin' that (much as with Cow Tippin') there would be Adult Beverages involved ... merely surmisin' ...

Adult beverages minus adult common sense

great..now every golf course down here will want one.

Oh, sure, now it goes 404 on me.

Finally, golf is becoming a manly sport. Alligators, rabid bobcats, it almost makes me want to watch.

From an undisclosed location, Reggie told Channel Four news that he is surprised about all the fuss.

Said Reggie, "I was just trying to get some pointers on how to use a pitching wedge. And besides, I don't even like people food."

Reggie has pledged to remain in hiding until every last one of the "beware of gator" signs has been removed.


Spotted 'gators, spotted bobcats ... sure a lot of graffiti artists around these parts ... merely observin' ...

Reggie the Wonder Gator!!

Recently there has been a severe increase in the number of golfers inhabiting that area. I think Reggie was put there intentionally to naturally maintain the delicate ecosystem. "Besides," Reggie says, "if you use the right wood, they're on par with chicken."

This is one smart alligator.
Maybe if a Hollywood producer put up a sign offering him a part in a movie with a location to report to....

I mean, this is Los Angeles. I think it would work.

You'd think those news guys wouldn't look so perky considering the sour expression on the face of that woman they have to work with.

The ever elusive Reggie.

I'm w/you southerngirl...why is Mullet now part of Ted's name? Wasn't it something like Haber Grabt before?

"The Gator Wranglers" WBAGNFARB, or a C&W band. It would have been a splendid alternative name for Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, given the Floridian roots of some of its members.

FYI: Kid Charlemagne has also been known as Ivory Bill Woodpecker and the Monster from the Id. I decided to try a consistent alias, except for jokes (such as when I pretend to be Animotion). Does anyone even care?

*crickets chirping* ;)

Kid C!!! great to see you! (and you are IBW?!)
hahahahahaha *snork*
stick around please, deacon? you are too much fun;)

If he's sunbathing you can bet the SPCA will be there with a gallon of SPF 30.

If you want to catch a gator,just get a small stupid dog from the pound.Put him down near Reggie's home,and then watch carefully. Gators love little dogs. Then you can create a whole new style for the youngsters in LA,Gator Shoes.

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