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April 12, 2006


(Thanks to RussellMc)


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Mother always said it would fall off from doing that sort of thing.



But it seems the bit about going blind must have been a lie.


should make for a dramatic courtroom moment when he "presents" his "defense" ...

"pssst, hey kids, how'd you like to see what was recently labeled 'Exhibit A' ?"

repulsive behavior, sure, but at least it's a safer passtime than driving into a farmers' market.

We had an 78-year-old here arrested for indecent exposure and for trying to grope some woman in an elevator. His last name was Whipple. Seriously...

Needless to say, every variation of "Don't Squeeze the Charmin" jokes were abundant around the courthouse for awhile....

He never tried to claim he'd lost his penis, though. He had some dignity.

Hmm, I wonder if he left it in his other pants?

A+ for creativity !

I'll bet Eleanor could determine the truth of his claim in a single *zip*!

*sneaks off to someplace private to make sure his is still attached*

What? Considering how often I lose my car keys, wallet, and glasses, it's a distinct possibility!

Maybe its because his past partners told him that they couldn't feel anything, so he came to believe that it was gone.

ROFL and LMAO at ArcticAl!! :)

I think I saw that guy at the carnival once!

Key Quote: "I have dry skin, and I have to itch it a lot."

Eleanor, mind if I borrow a *wide-eyed look*?

The man is 81 years old. Perhaps he's also forgotten the Korean War, the civil rights movement, and his home address?

"I hate everything except Judge Wopner!" <- Grandpa Simpson.

parts that men his age typically have

Is there an age at which parts start dropping off?

I read that one in the paper yesterday. I'm just waiting to see , so to speak, how it comes "out", if indeed it does....

So do you think this defense will stand up in court?


How many degrees of lewdness are there anyways?

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