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April 26, 2006


Put your hands together for... umm... a good cause.


(Thanks to UbiquiTed)

UPDATE: Peter Metrinko, who as far as we know has not yet heard the band, suggests this might be appropriate.


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But if our hands are together, how can we clap? Or play the instruments we brought along to join in the music?

What a perky looking newscaster.

blue tee shirt.

"Yeah, I'mma hafta check with my boss on that one"


isn't that special...

Aha! I think Dave is wearing the same shirt in the crapcam photo - which makes the shirt appear black when it's actually - you guessed it - BLUE!!

(yeah...he's not a hep cat afterall...phew)

too bad they don't have any fun playing these gigs.

Ok...I just looked again and PERHAPS I'm wr..., wrooo..not exactly correct. I dunno....I've lost interest already...

"PERHAPS I'm wr..., wrooo..not exactly correct."

*snork* :)

That might be the funniest thing I've seen all week. Way to fluster the reporter, Dave! She didn't even seem to take it as a joke, which earns you bonus points in my book.

I was hoping/fearing this was the revenge of Amy Tan.

by the way, seein' everyone in bustiers would be waaay worth the hefty price of admission.

john t, be kind... after all, didn't the young lady say she had to get everyone up?

they will only truly suck if they have *this* woman as their lead vocalist.

Luckily, I had the sound muted and didnt have to hear her sing, But judging by the reactions of the others, she was wretched.

*buys new bustiere to wear while watching Craig Ferguson on Friday.*

GAAWWDDDD puppytoes...my ears just exploded...

Nope, I hadn't heard the band prior to the posting of the toilet seat guitar pic, but now having heard two clips over the internet, I can say they're not half bad (whatever that means). Let me clarify -- I give them a rating of two garage doors.

puppytoes - I'm confused. Be kind? I didn't think I was being that mean... I just thought that it was funny that Dave made the semi-obvious joke, and she couldn't even laugh it off.

Sorry, reporter lady, for laughing at your misfortune. :-(

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