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April 17, 2006


Also, young.

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Serving your country is an honor, no matter how old you are.


People are still naming their kids Beatrice?

See above.


"M'lud, we are hopelessly deadlocked. 5 jurors think the defendent is guilty, 6 innocent, and one says she thinks he's a 'doodyhead'."

Those British.... Sigh...

*snork* at insom

seriously tho - who better than a 4 year old to serve on a jury - still young enough to be completly honest

Not just Beatrice, Sondra. I'm sure her father is a sports fanatic, since she's Bea Ball.


Maybe we should make her judge? Kids generally sort out their arguments faster than adults anyway...

I agree with SN - Judge & jury should be under ten - once you get past "Did not" "Did TOO" "DID NOT", children have an unbiased vision of whether something is right or wirng. NOT sayin they alway follow that, but they pretty much know that "That man should not have stabbed that woman. Plus he's ugly!"

But I stabbed the woman in self-defense. Also, she's uglier than me.

"Your Honor, the jury requests a recess to 'go potty'. Juror #4 also requests assistance with buttoning and wiping."

It's only fair, really. I mean she voted in the last several elections...

Then everyone involved would have to kiss and make up. AFTER they had a time out.

Could completely revitalize the whole justice system.

The court will adjorn for 1 hour for story time and naps.

Sondra~ Apparently so. It's my name. :-)

In 1984, after our family moved cities (it was also an election year for NZ), myself, my brother and sister were all sent voter registration forms.. (we were 10, 9 & 6 at the time) - this is nothing new.. it's just really cute!

The list was the most "up to date". I'll say, it's so up to date it's 14 years into the future!

Well, my late husband was called for jury duty a year after he died, and he was not a registered voter, so figure that one out!

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