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April 26, 2006


We aren't even tempted to blog anything against the rules.

(Thanks to Spambox55)


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Wow wish my doctor had that name... first

Dr. Beaver is an OB/GYN?

Well, of COURSE she is, with a name like that. Kinda like Dr. Leakey as a urologist.

"Dr. Beaver at your cervix!"

Not just any Beaver... She's a bonnie Beaver

How do they find this stuff.

I am hearing Frank Drebin from Naked Gun saying
"Nice Beaver"

Mr. Completely, you said it all. The name on its own is something, but add to that her specialty and the giggles start.

i am not making this up: my mom's chiropractor's name was Dr. McCracken. and our dentist was Dr. Drilling. some people are, apparently, called to their profession.

Dr. Beaver the OB/GYN? The job here is to come up with something other than the obvious but I got nuttin'.

I really wanted to find out what her patients said about her but...$12.95, don't think so. And my former dentist's name was Dr. Payne...truth in advertising...

I had a broken leg set by Dr. Branch...

JOG - Why, Thanks, I just had it stuffed!

looks like an eager Beaver, too!

I used to edit a news magazine for urologists (yes, such a thing exists) and came across several Dr. Wangs, Dr. Peters and, my favorite, a Dr. John Thomas.

judi probably just googled the word beaver.

MC - you like livin' on this blog? A little respect for the blog-goddess, please.

and *snork* at both ends for Mr. C.

Annie - Right back atcha.

I knew of two veterinarians who shared an office together - Dr. Killum and Dr. Fixx.

Which one would you take YOUR pet to?

Let Judi google her beaver on her OWN time, I say!

Beaver. Hmmm... I usually use that word to describe someone who hasn't been paying attention to the shaving and hygiene of a particular nether region.

Kind of like a cougar of the private parts. (You guys down there know what a cougar is right?)

Totally off topic - but not, if you're talking silly words - yesterday I spent the day enjoying the outdoors with my granddaughter, who informed me that a bug had "pissed" in her ear. I said, "Um, he "pissed" in your ear?" She said "Yeah, it went pzzzzzzzzz"

I wuv her.

I didn't dare click on the "Map It" link inder her name. I wonder what that does?

Ahhh - a wee Bonnie Beaver don't ya know.

Punkin - along the lines of cute toddler sayings, my daughter is potty training and she likes to flush the toilet. However, she cannot say all her sounds so she says, "Mommy, I want to f*ck it." Especially nice when we are in a public restroom!

And then there is Jeff Foxworthys joke.

"If you've ever gotten your nipple bitten off by a beaver...You Might Be a Redneck ... "

Punkin - I heard that as a joke - a kid said he found a cat that he thought was dead, so he p!ssed in its ear to make sure. He meant he said, "Pssst!" in the cat's ear to wake it up.

My Dad used to go to a Dr. Qwock. When my dad told him that it hurt to bend his knee, Dr. Qwock said, "Then don't do that." ISIANMTU

unless she's married, somebody should shoot her parents, giving her an alliterative name like that. they should have named her gloria.

I wonder if her brother is Harry Beaver?

or Ivanna

And if she was drunk, she'd be a tight beaver.

Actually Beaver is a fairly common Indian (native Canadian/American) name. I went to elementary school with a Joe Beaver (ISIANMTU)who we nicknamed Big Beaver. He was a real pussy though and was always getting beat up.

Dr. Beaver sez: You'll might feel a small prick.

Dr. Beaver sez: Stick out your tongue and say "Ahhh." Now trace the alphabet.

... best I could come up with.

OK, so we have Dr. Beaver. Now what did Wally and Eddie Haskell grow up to do?

My elementary school librarian was Mrs. Reid. Subliminal messages, that's what it is.

There is reserved parking here in Atlanta at the stadium for a Dick Zupp-I mean some parents are just cruel~

In one year of school I had an english teacher named Bookwalter, a math teacher named Banks, and a science teacher named Geniuz. I have also seen a girl of the rank Seaman named Swallows.

This one was better, but my former neighbor, Dr. Cochburn, the urologist, was close.

Oops. The article depressed me so much that I forgot to say:

snork @ Flash; and
Somewhere North: The recent, politically correct, acceptable name for that critter, here in the south is 'Puma.' Here in Florida, we have the Endangered Florida Panther [possibly endangered because we are importing their cousin, the Puma, from Texas, 'cause ours as are in-bred as the British royal family]. But we are not allowed to say panther anymore. Your cougar, the west's mountain lion, our panther, is now officially the puma. The folks that are into this have actually enforced a change in the Latin name from Felis concolor, to Puma concolor. Brought to us by the same people that insist we officially refer to our Great Blue Heron [ISAINMTU] to the Southern Phase of the Great Egret [official bird names are capitalized in English]. Whew. Got that off my chest.

CJr' ...

So ... what do they call the Great Blue Heron when it moves North ... say, to North Dakota ... ? (Merely wonderin' if these people have somethin' important to do with their lives ... )

and my vet is dr bone. no really.

In college I had a history professor named Dr. Nurse, and his wife was a nurse so she was...Nurse Nurse and it the metro area where I live there is a psychiatrist named Dr. Brain and I'm working with someone named Mrs. Dick. Personally, I would change my name...but that's just me.....

We had a chiropractor named Bonebrake, a dentist named Silvertooth (AuFang), a pediatritian named Blood, and a cardio doc named Slitter...you would think "slighter" would be the pronunciation, but you would be wrong.

You have to wonder - predestination or just really good career counseling?

When my kids' pediatrician got married she hyphenated her name: Dr. Bender-Overman. I can't believe she actually had the ovaries to put that on a sign out front.

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