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April 09, 2006


The Yak Killer

(Thank to Paul Masters)


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That thing seems to be muching on a metal rod... first?

A great reason _NOT_ to travel to this area!

I don't want to know what the _spiders_ in this region look like!

Click to enlarge

H-E-double hockey sticks no!

And chino, that very thought scares me. *SHUDDERS*

Ewwwwww...and Ouch!

The rest of the bunch seems pretty interesting, too. I liked the "rolly polly" bird, the Fulvous Parrotbill. Which might also BAGNFARB.


That was exactly my reaction - no way.

I agree with KOW. Click to enlarge. I don't THINK so!!!!!!!!!!

*gives thanks she's not a yak*

Click to enlarge . . . No thanks. It seemed large enough to me also.

If they enlarged that sucker, they'd have to rename it the F-15 Killer.

"dissolves human tissue"

Um, no thanks.

"dissolves human tissue"

Isn't that the promise of the Squeem, too?

With the right marketing, those bees could make "a klling" as a weight-loss aid!

*does the happy dance*

♫ I got posted, I got posted!! ♫

Eleanor, great minds think alike.

Go, Mr. C!

and I'll add my vote to the "no way I'm gonna enlarge that" group.

To jump on the bandwagon:

"...can kill a yak. Click to enlarge."

Two thoughts that don't go together.

The Yak Killers WBAGNFARB

New Yak Killahs WBAGNFAHipHopGroup

Heck, this is not news ... I've been able to kill yuks with a mere few words of posting on the blog, so I dunno whut the big deal about a hornet that can do this merely by sticking its nose-dealy (tail-dealy? ... which end has the stinger?) into somebuddy else's business ... I kill yuks every time I open my mouth, according to MB(RH?) ... merely sa ... um ... oh ... nevermind ...

when i saw the scientific name Vespa mandarinia i thought it was as big as a scooter!

*SNORK* @ U.O - and of course, at you-know-who!

Being one who cannot resist a double-dog-dare, I "clicked to enlarge". The results were much better than expected--there was a Honda vid/commercial featuring a very sexy, very nekkid, very siloutted woman.

Then, of course, there was very nasty, very ugly, very large hornet.

The fact that it can kill humans as well seems to be barely noteworthy to the authur of the article. Somehow, that seems kinda important to me.

supply list for hornet hunting expedition:

1. beer (2 cases bud ice pounders)
2. Bacardi 151 (1 fifth)
3. 1 yak (for bait)
4. 1 tennis racket (fly swatter seems to small)
5. 1 AK-47 Assault Rifle (in case the tennis racket just pisses it off)

6. Or just stay home and catch a baseball game.

Yakkity Yak,
Don't Bite Back

Yak Killers Would Be A Great Name For A Horror Movie (WBAGNFAHM).

The Yak Killer WBAGNFAS[teven]S[eagal]M[ovie].

"Snorks" @TCK & Lairbo!

I enlarged the photo. How do I get yak pee off my carpet?

When I saw this bug's picture, I yakked.

Is that a straw it's got in its maw? Looks like it's sucking down a human-tissue slurpee.

"Look, Maw, I got me some straw!" he yakked.

*zips in*


You guys are silly. *tee hee* (said in the voice of a 6 year old girl)

*giggles some more*

Well, since random said there was a nekkid lady, I clicked. No lady, lotsa big scary wasp.
You tricked me, random. Not Cool!

To calm y'all's nerves and smooth things over a bit, mebbe you'd like to take a look @ this from today's funnies ...

Annie-If you're still there, would you mind emailing me? I have a off-thread question.

PS --I was reading "Self-help" on Annie's Way. Funny!

OMG! I clicked the enlarged view, and noticed the 5 mm scale. That thing's head is almost 1 cm wide - more than 1/3 inch.

That metal thing is probably a pin for mounting in a display case.

Ernie - that's not a pin - it's a steel rebar!

Looks like an unmanned Tibetan predator drone to me.

apropos of nothing:

I just took a trip to the mall with my nine year old daughter. While in a little boutique that seemed to sell only little jars of marinade and sauces, etc., we came accross a product labled "Curd and Tart Filling". We couldn't stop giggling for several minutes.

Forget the anagram, try saying it three times fast.

OK, if that one didn't work try:

"The smart fellow, he felt smart"

Snork @ U.O for "Pelvis left the building."

I'm not even sure that our man Jack Bauer could handle this thing. Although Chloe probably has the schematics...

I clicked to enlarge, and it looks like he needs a shave.

I don't mess with bugs that shave.

But you just said he DIDN'T shave. So maybe he's your type after all...the Don Johnson beetle.

On a related note, you can drink its stomach juices:


I've actually tried the stuff (tastes like weak lemon kool-aid -- sorta), before doing the elliptical and treadmill at the gym, and yes, it does increase your stamina.

"Can dissolve human tissue"--big deal. You should see what I can do to Kleenex whenever I'm congested...

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