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April 10, 2006


...we will be unable to provide the following link.

(Thanks to Mike C. for alerting this blog to the link so that we can be sure to avoid providing it)


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I got nothin, but I did really read it.

And Manli is a woman? Time for the drug testing.

*goes looking for drugs to test*

does William Hung know about this?

I need a pronunciation guide - I don't know whether to not make fun of "Manly Wang" or "Man Lie Wang"

either way it's definately NOT funny...

It's pronounced "MAHn lee, Wang". In fact it should be "Wang MAHn lee".

In chinese i think the meaning is something about "graceful" and "pretty".

Oh, pepe, so she's BRITISH-chinese. Jolly good her name's not Girli Wang.

I guess......

i have no idea how to translate "girli"... something like "goosebumps" or "grass mat" would have similar sounds as "gir".

fivver - drug testing is never funny


just sayin'

Eek! My secret alias has been exposed!

small Wang at that - only 5'6".

Maybe she was trained by old East German standards -steroids?

i read somewhere that its very common for ex porn stars to go into speedskating.

Shouldn't that have been the name of her co-star? Maybe it was mistranslated from Melike Wang.

I was forced to quote from Rear Admiral Chilito Numnutz in my most recent post over at roryshock. But "Manli Wang!" That's as good as "Les Seaman" (an attorney, he is alleged to have said, "Comes now Les Seaman ..." in court one time, I am told ...

Named in keeping with the tradition of 'you are what you eat?'

Is she any relation to Cheehpy Pong?

Anyone know about her brother, Ty Ni Wang?

Did you know that the sounds "Dave Barry" mean "bent penis breath" in Lithuanian? No? Just try saying your name in that country and watch the reactions!

She's actually pretty cute. I love my Manli Wang.

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