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April 11, 2006


Treat your pain by phone OR email!

(Thanks to Claire Martin)

UPDATE: Apparently people think I did not realize that judi already blogged this, and that therefore I must not read my own blog. Hahahaha! Of COURSE I know that judi already blogged this! I blogged it again  because.... because it's a tribute to judi. Also because she failed to mention to the prostate angle.


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Already been blogged, Dave.

First and Happy Birthday to me!!

Lots of us already treat ourselves with vibrational adjustments.
Oh wait... *rereads*
nm. My mind was.. elsewhere.

vibrational adjustment?


Happy B-day Suzy Q

wolfie: You really must stop daydreaming about Chloe! You're all discombobulated.

hey wolfie - your comment wasn't there when I posted

dirty minds think alike i guess

Happy B'day Ms. Suzy Q. Hope you get showered with gifts and, if married, a night on the town.

thanks, Texas and Thumper. :)

tex: I have to be married to get a night on the town?

This is just garbage. My psychic healer told me never to believe in this junk.

(wow! deja vu!)

Suzy. Nope. I'll get a bucket of red paint so you can paint the town red.

*hands red paint to Suzy*

*stands back*

Actually, I was thinking about Thumper and last nights activities. But that's another story.
Happy Birthday Suzy Q.

Chloe is just an everpresent happy glow in my loi.. erm.. heart.

did you just say you were thinking about me during a vibrational adjustment?

Oh, Lordy, there are so many things wrong with that website. Try the "Wonderments" button for a giggle - I would really trust my medical well-being to someone who doesn't know the difference between "breath" and "breathe".

Get a load of this crap: "The big toe is only part of the wonderment of the foot. The whole foot is involved in walking, obviously, but the big toe is the final pushoff."


*wide eyed innocent blink*
Would I say such a thing Thumper?

*takes paint, flings liberally around blog*

Oh, wolfie....you got it bad! ;)

A little adjustment to time's stream
Is child's play to Doc Bahlaqeem
"To chiropractively
Cure retro-actively.
Is a gift, but collecting's no dream."

"Payment is expected only when you are satisfied."

Usually it's expected up front - or so I hear.

i liked the testamonial from the dog. very convincing. it must bring in lots of clients. if only the salad frog had been able to reach a phone in time...

I can't believe no one else has commented on this--did any of you notice daisymae's testimonial? Very informative--who knew she was a Bassett Hound?

I only got as far as vibrational adjustment before I overexcited myself and had to close the page before I did myself a mischief.

The good doctor's email is bahlaqeem@frognet.net. Could this possibly explain the salad frog?

Already blogged, and I linked to this page:
Check out his site which contains this key quote: "I am a 10 year old Bassett Hound and I have been in a lot of pain in my neck area. I would even wake up during the night and yowl from the pain. My owner called Jim Burda and described the way I was moping around and walking with my head down. Over the phone he was able to work on me. He found the area in my vertebrae that was out of place and was able to manipulate it into place. I am feeling much better and I hold my head up high again. There hasn’t been a reason to yelp now for several weeks! Thank you.

Posted by: Sarah J-A | 12:40 PM on April 9, 2006

on this thread

Key Quote: This Site is under construction


pssssst - everyone knows it's already been blogged 'cept for Dave - are you guys tryin' to get judi in trouble?

no, I just want the credit for the site. I mean, Claire "I-have-way-too-much-time-on-my-hands" Martin could have stolen it from ME. :)


well that's different then

carry on

Dave is about to receive a very snippy email from judi on this being blogged before. Poor Dave.

Yes, Sarah, but the actual page was not officially blogged - Dave very rarely bothers with the links in the comments section, so this could really be considered an original post... sort of... maybe...

I think they want the patient to press the telephone against the joint giving trouble. I'd imagine the same would hold true for a prostate exam. Just make sure to put a latex glove on da phone first. Try it! It really works!

People! Enough of this squabbling! Let's give the credit and our utmost respect to James Burda. All together now: OOOooommmm

I'd actually hate to see what would happen if the bloglits find out where this alleged "Claire Martin" lives.

*sounds of pitchforks rattling and torches being lit*

Is there really a Clarie Martin?

Or even a Claire Martin?

"I was in xxxxxxx on business"

Where the Hell is xxxxxxx? And why isnt it at least capitalized?

CR - it's north of wye......

and east of Knott
Never forget the Knott


Oh. My. God. What. A. Whacko. :

"Finally, there are things that I can do that I cannot mention here. To say the least, I can work on other levels of healthcare. If you are interested please email me personally. It is some of the best that you will ever hear.


James Burda"

Quick, grab your credit card, kids!

The sad thing is, some people really believe in this crap. My grandma used to love reading the enquirer and the Star, She claimed they couldnt print it if it wasn't true.

Best investigative reporting out there.

It is some of the best that you will ever hear.

Oral sex? He talks about it?

I'm stunned that no one has anything to say about Dave's mention of prostate exams (maybe we're all resenting the re-blogging of this topic). So let me say this: Have watched the wife give birth to five children. Have also experienced a prostate exam. Conclusion? I'd rather have the finger up my butt any day. (Well, not ANY day. I just mean in comparison.)

spjg- the best is the Weekly World News. Facinating stuff. Absolutely riviting. My 8th grade math teacher had them stapled all over the walls. They were pretty entertaining. He also had a giant inflatable orca hanging from the ceiling and wore black collared shirts with ties, but the neck was unbuttoned and the sleeves rolled up and he wort them with cut-off jeans and Birkenstocks. He lived in Santa Cruz, and you could tell IYKWIM
/tmi abt Sarah's teacher

Scott- This company's treatment is administered by a 12 inch 14 gauge needle. :) fun stuff, huh?

my dad used to work for them, as a VP. He's worked for a TON of small/start-up pharm co's, so I've learned about a lot of different experimental medical procedures/treatments

psssst, DJT is kissing up to Dave

*snork* at El ;)

I am apparently in the wrong line of work. I think I could probably silently think all kinds of fixes for stuff. Maybe I could do some sort of home decor by phone and/or email. First I would silently think about your living room. Then, I would hear your living room telling me what it wants. Then something else would happen and you would send me some money.

Hey, why would I need to kiss up more? Dave already considers Leetie and myself as "The Mother of My Children", according to our book inscriptions ;)

I think what we really need is some investigation reporting. Here I am thinking of retired humour columnists or Claire Martin. Then we could get a great expose of how well Burda's treatments work. And of course, we want all the details of the 'unmentioned' procedures.

TWO snippy emails, thankyewver'much

One for double blogging and one for not wishing Suzy Q a happy birthday?

Happy B-Day Suzy Q!!

A TRIBUTE to judi - what a novel idea!

This of course is in lieu of a raise you understand.

judi - I didn't know you worked for the same company I do.....welcome to the pat on the back in lieu of $$$ workplace.

We should all just change our emails to "claire.martin@denverpost.com", thus ensuring that Dave would blog us immediately.

Thanks, Coast! :)

let's don't forget that judi gets to meet and mingle with famous celebrities like walter, so her job can't be all bad.......

Heck, you don't this Bahlaqueem stuff for "vibrational healing." You can do it yourself with this amazing device that was designed by GOD! (batteries not included)


Vibrational Adjustments WBAGNFARB

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