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April 24, 2006


(Thanks to Mr. Completely)


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Hmm, another urban legend? Remember the "Colon" family!

And may I also say, first. (Twice in one day, I really must not have had anything to do)

Hmmmm, is this a job you would want to give to the lowest bidder?

Sounds like Punkin Poo's sister may have had a hand in this...

...and mebbe Punkin Poo's son.

How do you clean up the house after 3000 gallons of raw sewage went through it. I wonder if there was an exploding toilet involved...

"Wow bob, your lawn is greener than anyone else's on the block! What's your secret?"

UGH. I would think demolition would be the best remedy in this case.

DAMN those low flow terlets...

I wouldn't want the work going to the lowest bidet, either.

Did SH*t hit the fan? Gotta replace that too!:)

I am confident the superintendent on the job no longer uses the term--"Let her rip."

MartiniShark - that would be the ad for "Turdbuilder Lawn Fertilizer."

The tax value of this house? Is now zero.

Wow...that stinks.

Didn't this happen in Pasadena, CA a few years back? Only it was a whole block that got blasted.

"We feel we have no choice but to put our trust and faith in the hands of the city," Meg McCormick said this week as movers hauled damaged furniture from her house. "And I'll be honest, that's a little scary."
And naïve, my dear Meg. Good luck with the souless beancounters.

did they find a python at the bottom of the sewage??

Actually, something similar happened to my family when I was a kid. Leaves back up the sewer system through the toilet into our basement.

Sewage Blast WBAGNFARRB. They would have to really stink, though.

I am the daughter of the naive, as spiny norman put it, Meg. I was there the night that the "Sh*t happened." You have never lived unti you watch your childhood home fill with 3600 gallons of the neighbors fecal matter.

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