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April 17, 2006



(Thanks to Drew Harchick. We don't want to know what you were looking for when you found this.)


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*giggling* just to let everyone know I looked at the post before - ya know. :)

that is so wrong, on so many levels

It's sad when the Easter Bunny requires kinky artificial stimulation to get aroused.


I've held it in long enough. And I think 2 in one day qualifies for a


Yay me!!!

My eyes, my eyes!!!

*crawls away, feeling his way, to find bleach*

damn - so close to FIRST

oh well, at least I simulposted with a Southern California Green-Eyed Goddess

That's just about as bad as this guy. *shudders* Creepy!

I think I threw up in my mouth a little bit.

WONDERFUL - now my BOSS is questioning my "alignment"!

CoastRaven~ Hey, it had a warning. *shrugs*

This kind of thing was bound to happen because nobody has the stones to get The Blue Man Group under controll.

The only thing scarier would be if he starts breeding like a bunny.

yeah - but it only warned me about mom - not so much my boss.

CR - Let's hope he doesn't offer you a 'lube job'...

I proudly proclaim 12th!

Oh and Geez! frankly, I'd take the fat bunny over Peter Pan. GACK!


Oh MY.

If anyone needs me, I'll be in the corner, curled into a fetal position.

I'm with you Mikey. And there's a brand of peanut butter named after that, that,
*repeats earlier post*

If you look at the rest of his site, it's even scarier. So don't look... Really... Don't. I'm warning you.

ick. now i have to go wash my eyes with soap. that was, um... YUCK!

Me scared. Timothy Caleb, come over and protect me from the Easter Bunny. Thankfully he didn't visit me this year, but now I'm afraid he might just come late, considering all the weight he's hauling.

CR~ Look again. Doesn't it say DO NOT OPEN AT WORK? Uh-huh. I thought so.

but in CR's defense, I must say that it says OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G, not OIYDWYM(OY(NY)B)*TTY(NY)G

*or your (not you're) boss

Aw, come on! It's no fun if you defend him. :-)

it says DO NOT OPEN AT WORK **OR** etc. covering both bases, if you know what i mean. so gimme a break, CR :-p

Sure it is. It is for me at least.

OMG! I need my eyes washed out.....

no worries cuddle bug

i'm there - i'll bring my bat, cuz that bunny dude looks like he might fight dirty

I beg to differ fair judi - "DO NOT OPEN AT WORK…" implies there may be work related ramifications, OR (not and) that yer mum might think you are not on the same “team” as she was in her day - it does NOT imply that your (not you're) BOSS might think you're (not your) anything other than the traditional “plug and socket” variety when playing the field. NTTIAWWT(at all)

that being said, just to set the record straight (because I have learned my lesson in matters of borderline potential for offending the easily offended) - For any who’s humor level may still be at Monday morning level – this conversation is purely for humor purposes, and in no way is it intended to be considered anything deeper or more meaningful than me being a smartass. Thank you!

Eye bleach! Over here, and be quick about it!

CR was bein' a smartass?

wow, who'da thunk it?

i am calling Hannibal Lecter to come over and eat the part of my brain where this image is stored.

i hope he stops there...

He's Blue, and looks like a Meanie.... hmmmmm.

Tommy Craig, that's the pot calling the kettle black imho, but since you're protecting me from the scary man who wishes he were a bunny, I'm not going to protest it. CR, you wanna come over too? Bring your own bat.


Coast, you just go right on bein' a smartass, we all still love you. ;)

*snork* @ Annie!

I believe that was a simulpost with Bumble.

*straightens Bumble's halo*

Again. :)

I think I threw up in fivver's mouth a little bit.

Bumble, darlin'

that was me bein' a smartass about CR bein' a smartass - in other words, I was not criticizing - I was showing solidarity - us smartasses gotta stick together you know

and I was gonna leave this alone, but Annie - what exactly were you doing right before you threw up in fivver's mouth, just a little bit?

and all along I've been teaching my puppy NOT to chase the bunnies?

**runs outside to teach puppy how to dress bunnies**

OK. But did anybody notice that it's (not its) four separate hairy hares, each with some strange name applied. Different facial hare (harelip?) implies he has four of these freaky outfits?

TC~ Hang together or hang separately is it? :-)

Have any of you seen the live-action TV show "The Tick" with Patrick Warburton? Methinks this guy wants to be the "Big Blue Bunny of JUSTICE!"

Only with really silly shoes and FAR too much skin showing.

*goes off to rinse brain out with bleach*


see ya around snuggle bug

Thumper - I was thinking about you.

TC~ See you around? When did you leave? Where's my bat-wielding bodyguard? The blue bunny is still at large!

Side note: I hope this guy is not the new mascot for Blue Bunny ice cream. I'd never eat it again.

Brain scrubber? Anyone?

no worries bumble - i'll protect you from the big scarey bunny

and Annie - aren't you always thinkin' about me?

Nyah, nyah, bought your K, sugar. ;)

This makes me so glad that my religion has no holiday characters...*pours large amounts of bleach into eyes*

Annie - glad you mentioned that, since I have been lookin for a reason to ask...
Has anyone seen Meanie the Blue recently. I've missed him.

Coast, he was all over the blog yesterday. But I know what you mean. It's not the same without him!


pssst, has anyone else noticed that KDF has an extra "K"? And if that's TC's "K", then what is this VERY LARGE "K" that I'm holding in my hand?

pssst, Eleanor, Annie told us that you sold it to K-Mart and then I bought it at a discount. is it possible that this one is a... *gasp*... fake?

Fake italics, too.

Should anyone ever return here, please be aware that I was hopping, er, hoping that no one (and especially no one whose initials are Annie) would ever confuse me with the Bluish, mean-looking and profoundly disturbing character found in those posted pictures.

*Got carrots?*

And humblest thanks to CR and "K"KDF for the fond wishes. You guys are too cool.


OIYDWYMTTY(NY)G - you could simply substitute "Manager" for "Mom" and you're there.

Wow. I was a lot late on that.

OH MY GOD! I have pictures of this guy that i took on the Staten Island Ferry about.... eight years ago, maybe?? He didn't have a beard then. though, but he was carrying a suitcase advertising himself as Scotty the Blue Bunny. And yes, he was dressed in a big, blue, furry outfit, complete with ears. I'm betting I have the pics on my hard drive.

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