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April 24, 2006


(Thanks to Mew)


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Swallow Alert level III

Swallow Alert - please swallow or spit out anything you have in your mouth before reading. Blog not responsible for any damage to electronics, including (but not limited to) computers, monitors, telephones, CD/MP3 players, etc.

"Last night he couldn't do it from inning to inning." - Well they DID say he failed to perform, so isnt this sentence a bit redundant?

MOTW - The use of "swallow" in a thread built upon "Wang" could lead things in an unintended direction.

see... and i'd have thought it would be the other way around.

I fail to see the humor in this.

If Wang is a Yankee, then who is the Yanker?

Maybe it's all for the best...I'd hate to see the headlines if he was doing well, it'd be a bad flashback to the eighties..."Everybody, Wang Won Tonight!"

As a Red Sox fan this story just makes me happy.

*SNORK* at random:)

"The 26-year-old right-hander was unflappable" -- so, uh, if Wang wasn't flapping, wouldn't that mean the the right-handed Yank was effective?

He told reporters, "This has never happened before, I swear.."

WooHoo, I got a SNORK.

*takes off pants, does the SNORK dance*

t wasn't an encouraging outing for Wang

Maybe Wang needs to lay off the junk food & beer. A poor diet can have an effect on performance.

Or try those Mr. Happy pills that are advertised during all major sporting events these days.

I love the warning to call a doctor if certain...conditions... last longer than 4 hours. If that happened to me, I'd be calling everyone I know to brag about it, including my doctor.

The Orioles manager said after the game, " We really flogged Wang tonight."

I went to school with a guy named Peter Wang. I swear by the Flying Spaghetti Monster I am not making that up.

pogo - duly noted, thank you for rescuing my reputation.

lurker, I always suspected that thing about "certain...conditions...lasting longer than 4 hours" was a very sly marketing strategy!

die, yankee pigdogs.

yours truly, met fan.

The problem could be the whole "yanking" thing.
Sometimes a gentle touch is called for.

So that $200,000,000 payroll is just overcompensating for certain, um, shortcomings?

die, met scum slime

yours truly
yankee fan

nannie, I've always thought the same about the "4 hour" commercial - very clever. You can just picture the men watching and thinking to themselves, WOW, could that be? I'll try it.

grrrr....yeah, well, yesterday Big Unit Spanks O's. Compensate that! :)

Public Service Announcement:

(I believe this is the third year in a row for this one:)

"Stienbrenners Yankees" = "Intense Beery Rankness"

With the mounting uncertainty in the Yankees' starting rotation, all they want out of Chien-Ming Wang is consistency.

That is all.

Do these people read their headlines before publishing the articles, or what??

It's gonna be a lonnnnnng summer.

It coulda been worse, guys. The headline could have been "Torre Pulls Wang in Sixth."

Ford79 - and he's done that, often not soon enough. If he pulls him too late, you can lose a lot.

*zips in*

I seem to be in somewhat of a brouhaha on another thread, so whatever Annie says here, I agree with.

*zips out*

Yay, I got posted *does the happy dance*
*trips over 2nd left foot*

{{ Mew }}

brouhaha, schmoohaha, El - we love your learned point of view!

This is totally wrong.

Any copy editor with half a brain, workin' part-time (I know that seems like an oxymoron, but please bear with me here ...) should've known that the proper order of that headline would be:

Yanks Wang fails

Merely sayin' ...

Yanks Wang, Fails???

Failure Yanks Wang???

Wang Faiure, Yanked by Yanks???

See the Wang, failing there, with his Yankees pulling him????

Thanks, MOTW! My daughter stopped by with lunch so I haven't been back there for a while.
I think I'll go and blurk, unless I'm unable to remain silent, which, unfortunately is usually the case.
It's a burden - being too talkative. *sigh*

As a diehard O's fan a limp wang is worth two in the bush or something like that.

mounting.... *snork* unflappable... *chortle* ground balls.... *guffaw* *falls off chair*

Maybe he should get some advice from Rafael Palmiero who played for Baltimore and was the former spokesperson for Viagra?

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