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April 20, 2006


And we're not even going to add "So far."

(Thanks to many people)


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I never knew there was a forum for butt juice competition. Where can I sign up?

*takes a quick around*

Not for me, for Mrs. Thunking.

WooHoo, FIRST. And I have a day job... sort of.

Hat trick!!!!

"Nice one Earl! You set the dog on fire with that one!"

"Thanks. Got a wetwipe?"

"I feel comfortable in (stressful) situations." Good thing, because there isn't anything worse than stressed Butts..

i'm just going to post here that i'm not going to blog the fake-doctor-giving-door-to-door-breast-exams because even though it's a funny idea, he actually sexually assaulted a couple of women so... you know? that's not funny. so if anyone's reading this you can stop sending it in.

Well said, judi! :)

um, judi? what happened to the rest of your post?

Throw cold water on them!

i deleted it. i don't want to put a damper on things :)

I don't think you did! I think it was informative and nicely put!!

(yes, I know how I ended that sentence.)

Yeah, Blessed St. Judi ... I agree ... well-stated, and more importantly, totally accurate ... not funny, and I don't even hafta see the item to know this ...

OTOH, what's with Butts?

He's hitting .330 and they're 25-7 and he's batting NINTH???

With a bunch of sluggers like that, they should already have the CWS trophy in the display case @ Starkville ... merely observin' ...

Can we just pause a moment and have a round of applause for the brilliant headline stylings of Ian R. Rapoport? And could he please join us for bloglitting?

"Nothing spoke louder for Butts' ability in the clutch"

How does one measure a butts ability to clutch? Is this like a don't-drop-the-soap-in-the-prison-shower thing?

"Nothing spoke louder for Butts' ability " Butts with the ability to speak loudly? I'm in!


wow a simulthough simulpost!

And we're not even going to add "So far."



wise choice. butt, if he ends up with a live grenade in his ass in prison, i think you should reconsider.

You can always rant around here, judi. We like a good damper removal challenge. :)

Butt Pressure wbagnfarb.

Judi-I didn't see your full post, but I'm guessing it was inspired. And I agree, sexual predators are no laughing matter.

Back to the posted item...How can any kind of juices ignite anything, much less competitive ones??

I have nothing to add that can be any funnier....but I'm lonely and crave blog affection.

I assumed when I saw the last name of Butts, that this guy was a tight end..but no he plays baseball.

I was reading an article in the local newspaper about the St Louis Rams and their new head coach emphasizing and needing tight ends this season. I was never a huge football fan, but I will be watching this year.

(((Punkin Poo)))


I can't help myself
judi's comment reminds me
of this: "Candigram"

not funny, at least
(tip of the hat to C-bol)
he's now jail-booty

trail of fire, wet streak
Butt's on a roll, touch 'em all!
just don't come nearer

major *snork* at vanity.

Thanks, Annie. *snuggles up*

Tight ends are the only reason I'd ever watch football - and there aren't enough of them on tv....

Do you think there is a diet version of the juices?

Mebbe so, Kat ... HOWever (almost said "but" there) ... if they have the "natural" components, they might smell sweeter ... merely sayin' ...

BTW- *snork* @ C-bol up there and *hugs* to Punkin

And he batted ninth in the order so.....all together now....

Butts was bringing up the rear!

Michael H - good one - also known as the 'bottom of the batting order.'

Dave Dave Dave
Can you top this? Ms. Virginia,my flesh & blood sister, has an annual Easter egg hunt for her doggies. SHe peels them(the eggs not the dogs)so they can just eat 'em upquickie dog style.
SHe's a good egg but we're a lil worried about her!
Egg woman's sister

To PK'skid,
My Mom did that, only she used the plastic eggs and put dog treats in them, then hid and found them and opened them for the dog.

Butts is batting at the bottom of the order? Sheez, I'm sure glad I don't have to bat clean-up. (Editor: Insert rim shot here........AAAAARRRGGHHH, another horrible pun. Make it STOP, Mommy!).

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