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April 08, 2006


Snake Hearts


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so the premise here is that a certain organ becomes enlarged at particular times, and then later shrinks back to it's normal size...

OK, I had a point in mind when I started typing, but I seem to have lost track of what it was

Within two days of the meal, their heart grows by up to 40 percent

Yes, but do their tiny snake hearts grow when they learn the true meaning of Christmas?

When I first read the title, I assumed that someone was smuggling snake hearts and was caught by airport security. Of course, given the weirdness of the planet, it's only a matter of time.

How did Claire Martin miss this?

Snake Hearts Would Definitely BGNFARB.

A double bill of Whitesnake and Heart, however, might be, besides something you couldn't pay me enough to attend, a good marquee sign.

Maybe that's a new category: WBGMS (Would Be Good Marquee Signage).

At first I thought the headline said, "Snake hearts worth $1 million to CTU." I had visions of the snake hearts being used as an antidote for the nerve gas delivered by the Cataclysmic Canisters of Catastrophe. But that would be stupid.

BTW, "The Python Project" would also BAGNFARB.

I can't believe they are pumping so much money into this research. However, sometimes overseas research just cannot be beat.

Remember which "they" is pumping the bucks: it's the Howard Hughes Institute, which also probably funds projects on Fingernail Length as a Predictor of Longevity.

A two pronged proposal?... oh come on, now....

"When people think about college teaching, they often think about students sitting in a classroom"

and the second thing they think of is students cutting the hearts out of dead snakes...

*snork*@insom, who was able to take the line that was stuck in my brain and actually do something deft with it:)

"And then there are the pythons," she said. "Our reviewers really thought this was a cool feature" of Leinwand's proposal.

"It's an exciting opportunity that will give students a unique research experience," she said. "Who wouldn't find that fascinating?"

That just says it all, doesn't it? Fascinating...

Y'know, as it happens I have to write a grant proposal this coming week that involves funding to improve interpreter services for hospital patients. If I could work some pythons in there, d'ya think it might help my case?

Betsy, if you see Pulitzer Prize winning Dave Barry as a role model for excellent writing, then it would seem that the mention of snakes will help any writing endeavor. :)

Good luck with the grant thing! :)

Did anyone else think this looked dirty?

Whatever happened to the "Squeaking codpiece and the varlets"?


They're playing the Marriott off Route 17, April 14-17. Two drink minimum. No cover charge.


Great news!

Once they've had their minimum they'll go
miles off route......

Eleanor...Thanks for the good wishes. I always wish I could write grants in my best Barry-esque prose, but I'm not sure they're ready for "See Appendix XIV: Longitudinal (heh) study of correlation between python incidence and issuance of upper register vocalization in the linguistically compromised inpatient."

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