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April 27, 2006


You're next.


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Hey Dave, maybe you could direct an episode of "The O.C" while you are there.

I hear Kiefer Sutherland is going to be at the concert. Wearing a beanie. And a glock nine.

I saw that Dr. Laura will be there. Could you throw a kazoo at her for me?

I don't usually snork with guys, but with djtonyb I'll make an exception.


and "I'd never hit a woman with child, I'd hit her with a brick" - WC Fields

Larry Flynt & Dr. Laura Schlessinger in the same parking lot?!? THAT should be something to see.

*punches mudstuffin on the shoulder in a manly manner*


Larry Flynt will be a "rock star" of the literary world this weekend?

Maybe that's the connection between the RBRs becoming (psuedo) rock stars...they will be the huge at porn conventions.

Do I smell testosterone on the blog today?

From what I understand, most guys are "huge" at porn conventions...

have fun!

Folks going to the LA Show... go to your local pawn broker and buy an instrument to bring along to the concert.

Join in the fun from the crowd. Just because they are on stage doesn't mean that the authors are the only musicians.

You can buy kazoos at pawn shops? Wow! Who knew?
The article left out that there is a free RBR concert earlier in the day and that The Remainders are pitted against Barney songs on another stage.

OK, so can you throw a kazoo at Dr. Laura and the drum kit at Barney?

"(Dave Barry, Amy Tan, Matt Groening, Scott Turow and others) who play instruments..." is actually a misprint.
Corrected version reads: "(Dave Barry, Amy Tan, Matt Groening, Scott Turow and others) who have instruments..."

People will hock just about anything, including teeth with gold in them.

Now, if you brought an accordian to the concert or a trumpet, your kazoo could be devoted to other tasks.

*rereads article*

OK, here's my final requests - kazoo for Dr. Laura, drum kit for Barney, and if you could break your guitar over Arianna Huffington's head I'd be much obliged.


So now you're a "super writer"? What is your special power and hero name? Oosikman?

If Kiefer is there, tell him I love him and I'll be waiting up for him....oh, yeah, that's just my fantasy...

See ya Saturday, Dave! We've postponed our earthquake until Monday out of respect.

Say hi for me, will ya, Mike?

Mike, hope to see you at 2:30. I have obligations in the morning, but I'm hoping to get there in time to 'katch the kazoo,' so to speak.


You and ... um ... whatsername ... OH! DOCTOR Mad ... have a great time, and if you get the chance, say hi to Dave for me, please.

Arrived this morning to get tickets but they were all sold out. While walking the campus we (my wife, the budding writer, and I) saw the standby line for the event with maybe 20-30 people in line. A couple of people in the front got tickets from other attendees who were not using them and then after that they started letting the standby people in. We were in the second group of 20 to be let it. It was a great event and FUNNY! Didn't go to any of the band shows as the wife was busy going to other writer panels (YA and YA Fantasy). On the way home we stopped at B&N and bought Peter and The Starcatchers. I forgot I had mentioned this book to my wife a year ago and thought it was an interesting storyline. I look forward to reading it!

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