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April 19, 2006



(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Woof is right.

And First!

He tends to pee on people's legs and bite the kids, but he can find a ball in no time.

It says he never chases moving balls. Me, neither!

Simulfirst with daisymae! Was it as good for you as it was for me?

It wasn't? Oh. Um, that's never happened to me before, I swear! It's this cough medicine, and I was sleepy, and...

"He's not allowed into the club house unfortunately," said Mr Phillis. "He's the only member that's not allowed in.

Last club I joined told me the same thing.

I tend to use him mainly in the evenings for the last hour before sunset."

I don't want to know, but the cops might.

It's only fitting that a dog does his best work in the rough.

Cute dog! The owner, well...

Mines more of a ROOFer.

Big deal. My dog can always find anybody's balls. Every time.

If your balls are lost, golf probably shouldn't be your first priority.

Mine were misplaced for several years, but I finally found them.

*the thread teeters on the brink of ball washer jokes*

Was this dog "fixed"? He may be good at finding them because he cannot find his own.

ask - I suspect they were in her purse. That's where my wife keeps mine.

But it's cool, she lets me use them when I need them.

Umm, Mr. C?


I think that makes them hers.

A few months ago I saw a sign in front of a business that read "It takes a lot of balls to play golf the way I do." It was not there long.

LOL @ Lairbo and KDF

And yet women are still not allowed to join the club. Apparently they were accused of taking the balls instead of finding them.

Free membership at a nice club? Lucky dog.

This is the worst hat I've ever seen.. What? You buy a hat like this and you get a free bowl of soup?

Oh, but it looks good on you, though....

Mr. C - I basically had to trade everything else to get them back.

So ... the dog is a member that is not allowed in the club house ... otherwise, does he have the run of the course?

Has he ever had the runs when he's on the course?

My sister in law had a Black Lab that could crap while running. I think that most pooches could.

"where's Deuce?"

"oh, he's out on the course. "

"is that him? near the driving range?"

"not the driving range!!! Deuce!!! get back!!! not while people are swinging!!!! *thump* Oh, the caninity!!!"

"tough luck, dude"

That's like the ice fisherman who threw a stick of dynamite out on the ice to bust a hole for fishing. Unfortunately, his retriever retrieved it. Boom!

btw - with all these ball jokes, you boys are being sent to the doghouse. Hey, it could be fun!

ask - Been there, done that, mugged that tourist, got that T-shirt. Then I got married again.

Go figure.

One question...does this have anything at all to do with neuticles??

New South Wales... Why''d it have to be New South Wales?

thats great!

Why'd it have to be Claire Martin?

AFKA - it will when I get done with you - bwaaaha ha!


Annie wbh beat me to the response ... I wuz gonna ask AFKA if he wanted it to be dealin' with neuticles ... and ... if so ... p'haps it could be arranged ...

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