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April 21, 2006



(Here's an explanation, sort of)


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YES! I want one for my dogs! Butt sniffing, water driving, licking private parts, peeing. YES!!!

"Okay, so once you've got the live grenade in your MooTube, you pack in some weed and then carefully..."

"Get the hell away from me."

In the 500-plus-channel-world, we believe this is a 'bullish' alternative,

Bullish or bullsh*&?

It makes me dizzy!! Glad I'm not a cow! (at least not the bovine-type....)

Arghh, so many bad puns litter this article.

I'm confoosed...

Hey, babe, (swaggering) I've got a full 100 inches...

Then why do they call you 101?

mathmom; they all have to give themselves that extra inch.

MooTube.com is designed to bring the highest quality, educational "cow content" to the American public

Shoot...teevee has been loaded with "cow content" for years

Okay, I get. This is technology's answer to growing up on a farm. Since many kids live in a city and spend so much time on computers, they may not have seen what a cow looks like. And since there's no money in the school budget for field trips....wallah...cow cam...it's just like bein' there...on top of the cow.

(But when I click on the link, I only get one picture that isn't moving. The other three screens all say "prepping cow.")

LBFF...yeah, that's what I get, too. I remember what it meant when they "prepped" me for labor and delivery; poor cows.


So THIS is what my monthly donation is used for?!? Wait til their next fundraising drive, and see how much I drop!

potential cow porn?! ewwwwwwwww.

So if I got one of those 103-inch hi-def superplasmoid monitors, we can see old 101 life-size? Win-win!

Looks like, for the most part, the Cow Cam is focused on grass. Delicious grass. And the fence, dammit. Hate that fence. And that bony, brown cow. Damn, she's hot.

Next weeks moosical guests; Cows With Guns.

mathmom, Maybe it's a decimal point thing?

and now, my life is complete

Two *SNORK!*s for sly for her two excellent posts. You're unbullieveable today, darlin'!

Too bad they showed that cow tipping is physically highly improbable; could have made for some interesting TV.

Science person here.

In order to tip a cow you must have leverage (and beverages for the +21 crowd). If the cow is fully asleep you and others can push the cow over but this must be done quickly and as a result of your momentum, and the force you exert on the same side of the cow.

Do not attempt this on a bull, however.

Thank you.

PArt Deux: Cow Tipping

This is best done at night, but it is very dark out in the fields. DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT, reach under the cow that is the object of tipping to determine if it is a girl or a boy.

Boy cows don't like this.

they're truly 'steak'ing out some new territory here, although some good-natured 'ribbing' and maybe a few 'roasts' might come their way, if they do a 'brisket' business they might 'round' up a few new viewers and they'll be 'chuck'ling all the way to the bank...

Hey! Whose into REALITY T.V?
Next Best thing.
Now all the Hollywood producers would steal my Idea.
And make MILLIONS on it.
Like they always do.
Would be a good watch though.

*snork* @ insom and sly

So this is PBS's idea of a reality show?

I tried to watch this at work, but I kept panicking at the thought of one of my co-workers coming up behind me and seeing my screen, and then I'd have to try and explain what it was that I was LOOKing at. And they think I'm weird enough as it is.

Looks really fabulously insane, though. My personal theory is that somebody listened to "Cows with Guns" one too many times and decided that we ought to start monitoring things around the ranches ...

I think I've lived in Dallas too long. My first thought when I saw the picture was - Oh, it's a Longhorn.

I love Cows With Guns. I just played it today for CG when he was here for lunch.

I know THIS is a joke. I wasn't positive about the tornado thing, but this I'm sure of.

A robot cow? It will never happen.

Prepares cow cyber suit.

On a fun note, visited my Uncle Benny near Allen, TX a few weeks ago and ran his heart-surgery @ss into the ground touring around the ranch.

So I sent him the link and now he can watch the cows and grass without having to stop for breath so much. Yeah, it's been a long day.

"In the 500-plus-channel-world, we believe this is a 'bullsh*t' alternative, especially for those who enjoy grazing," said a PBS executive. "Plus, it's a great way to extend the PBS brand to even greener pastures."

PBS.. Your TAX dollars at work.

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