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April 16, 2006


...and now this.


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I love this blog. Dave has tortoise so much.

Need I say it?

"For wedding receptions, turtle is a must dish, as its Chinese name is very auspicious."

i'm guessing that's why the price went up.

44 yuan per kilogram? Highway robbery!

Sorry, folks. That was just terrapin.

*snorks* at Meanie the FIRST Blue

Ah, domestic turtles. Reminds me of my neighbors.

*Hands check to SuzyQ*

*snorks @ Blue*

*waits for check*

HEY y'all. I find this to be a very serious turn of events, no spring for 2 (two) years, and I don't think anyone should be kidding around about this.
I feel sure that Dave did NOT post this for its humor.

*starts fund-raising drive to bring spring to wherever this is*

El~ Just talk to Aslan.

Jeez, you hand one rubb....er, lousy check over and all of a sudden peopel are coming out of the woodwork with their hands out.

(covers eyes with hands)

where's gas $3 a gallon?

Ummmm, Daisy...I paid $3.06 yesterday in Chicago. And that was at the cheap place.

Blue~ I did not come out of the woodwork, thank you very much. I came out from under a fuzzy blanket with lion cubs on it.

Dang. And I thought $2.80+ for gas was bad.

Apologies, of course, Bumble.
*Boun....er, hands a check for some gas to Bumble*

*cashes check and spends it on DVDs*

Ummm, lemme guess......The Naked Zorro series?

When on my mission I went into a store with some immigrants. The sign on the door said, "Animals are not pets."

Several turtles and tortoises. As well as some octopus. I should have figured out, that they would feed me later.

Okay. I'll give you three roosters, two turtles and one widow if you give me two dogs. And the pig--Spring, Fall, whatever, I definitely want the pig.

Ork, Betsy, it was $2.80 last week when I filled up my car.

Do you work at the mercantile exchange, Lisa?

There was no spring last year, 2 springs this year, and no springs next year! Must be global warming.

Blue~ Har har. You're soooo funny. Actually Star Trek: Voyager tops my DVD list right now since they're not showing it on TV anymore. Grrr.

I'm such a geek.

I'm tellin' ya who's making all the money here: the big turtle companies. They setup all these wells all over the place, drillin' for turtles...and then charging inflated prices for the product...it's just criminal!

How the heck do you have something other than exactly one spring a year? Can someon explain this to me?

If you could arrange things so that there was no winter, now that would be cool.

Blue - No. In the posted article there was all this talk of the year of this and the year of that. I knew I didn't want any soft-shell turtles, so I figured I'd just make a game out of the other choices.

Silly, but it passes the time.

If you could arrange things so that there was no winter, now that would be cool.

Eric, probably just the opposite! ;)

Tropic-I think you’re on to a huge conspiracy.

Lisa, I gotcha...I mean, I understand. I was prepared to yell Soooey!, but thought that less than dignified behavior for this blog.


*slinks in*

Confession time. I work for a major oil company. I hate 3$ gas but my yearly bonus alone was 10,000 $ plus my salary is almost 6 figutes. Unreal. I feel guilty as hell but...

*slinks out*

*takes check from the Blue, endorses it and turns it over to Texas, who apparently will get it anyway*

Asians got turtle farms?

Hu nu? (The turtle farmer, that's Hu ...)

Yeah, you price-goug ... um ... er ... nevermind ...

HEY! Old riddle:

What's exactly in the middle of Texas?

$3.06 here in su.so.ca. -
for the middle one.

(i think this is the third time i've used this...)
("Molly Malone")

She was a soft-shell turtle seller
Who wasn't a feller
Saying"Turtles! For weddings!
Forty yuan a kilo"

"'Cause the last year was spring-less
Many women went ringless
So I'm raising my prices
As high as they'll go."

"We know turtle-less weddings
Lead to unhappy beddings.
And that's why the divorce rate
In China's so low."

I watched her till dark at
The Tongchuan market
And I made up my mind
That with me she'd would go.

But she was bit by a turtle
And infection was fertile
And that was the last of
My moll, Li-Ma Loan!

Enters *snorking!* at insom' so he can send a *snork!* to Meanie the Blue and await Meanie's check so he can dribble it over to his own bank (Stupe's Bank at the corner of Park Street and Euca...er, Yooka...er, Pine Avenue on the second floor of the vacant lot)tomorrow morning.

Ka-pwiiiiinnnngggg's a check over to the Stupe S&L.

Cheap gas at $2.75 near me.

O - Wouldn't that be "x"?

*Salivates thinking of the leg of lamb he'll buy with the check forwarded by Meanie the Generous. Whistle blows and he's called for double dribbling. Promises ref he'll never do it again. Ref relents, allows him to keep the check. Deposits it in his joint account. Can't find a joint that will cash his check. Is forced to take job as Hickey Checker on The Love Boat.*

ScottMGS --

YUP! Very good!

HOWever, one will usually fool unwary Texans with that riddle, and then you get a "look" (or worse) from them ...

Hickey Checker??

*snork* @ Stupe!

and *snork* at Blue.

*awaits check, too*

It's in the mail, S-G.

*Judi - Help, I'm gettin' destituted here*

Long as you're passing them out, I'll take one, too, Meanie!

(sits and files nails and waits for her check)

Attention fuel consumers: You might find this site to be of some use.

I'll try to come up with something funny after more coffee.

OK, Daisy, here ya go, but as you can see I'm wrestling with some cash flow issues now. So, all others please check elsewhere. Theng kew.

As a federal employee, I'd like to thank all of you for the checks sent to my employer yesterday.

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