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April 19, 2006


Father wants this.

(Thanks to Joshua Evans)


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Re-blog. Me still want.

"Panasonic pitched a tent..."

And what, pray tell, were they showing on the TV at the time?

I've got elastic bands keepin my shoes on.
I've got those swollen hand blues.
I've got 103 inches of sh!t on the TV to choose from (choose from - choose from).

103 inches in high def? Actresses everywhere are making appointments to have their faces resurfaced!

SNORK@rundogrun. You raise an interesting (and hilarious) question.

And quite frankly, I want one for me. My dad can fend for himself.


They do say you need to dedicate a Wall to it.

*snork* @ KCSteve

They do indeed declare you need a Wall.
Pro'lem is that I would have to "Tear down the Wall" to get it into my little rowhome... err townhouse in downtown Bawlmer to get it inside.

Hey, isn't Mother's Day BEFORE Father's Day? Why don't you guys get this for your wives for Mother's Day? On the premise of taking the kids off her hands for the day, go for a walk through "House 'o Manly TV's", buy her the big 103" and a copy of "Steel Magnolias." Then tell her you don't want much for Father's Day.

oh lord

I dont think I have ever drooled so much in my life execpt for when I look at her

Addicted to 24 - you're young yet. You'll be drooling more when you're older...but I guess that Depends.

Ooh. One inch bigger than the other guys.

JEK - and that's when it's turned off. Once it warms up, well...let's just say it could put an eye out.

*shoots Annie Where-but-here for the Depends joke*

This TV is bigger than my living room wall....

puppytoes puppytoes puppytoes

*I have no comment, I just like saying puppytoes*

I guess size DOES matter.

Thank heavens, something I don't want.

judi...you need to speak for the mom side and start posting stuff we want for Mother's Day. (I'd do it, but I don't have posting privileges.)

Mikey - guess it does matter to guys anyway.

Warning - if you buy this tv, and your dog sees a "Meow Mix" commercial, he will either pee on the rug or attack the screen. (this may also apply to some husbands).

They have one of those big 80 foot or whatever TV screens at the University of Arkansas and one of my buddies has this dream of breaking into the stadium and hooking up his Playstation to it....

It's good to have goals, I think....


Ain't that the truth! You could put bells and whistles on a box of corn flakes and guys would all gather around to see what it does.

YOu may join me in Giving them "THE LOOK."


...he will either pee on the rug or attack the screen... Or both, depending who is on the screen at the time.

I just don't get it.

Oh, that's because I have a birth defect. God put a brain where my brain should be.

There goes footballbasketballhockygolf season! Guess it is time to GO SHOPPING AND BUY A LOT OF SHOES!!! and a handbag or two.

We like hot men, hot cars, simple things, gold is always good, something fresh, just to give you a few ideas.

Sparkly things as well, daisymae, preferably referred to in a carat manner.

Trump TV: wait for it!!!


Didn't our Mom's say that too much TV would make us go blind? Or was that something else?


I thought I was doing good because I just bought 2 (TWO!) 34" widescreen flat panel HD ready TV's.

Now they look really small.:(

They can make TVs as big as they want, but Bruce is still right: "57 channels and nothing on." (So now it's 570 channels, there's STILL nothing on.)

Don't cry, El - size doesn't matter - it's all in how you use it, and one of yours is in your bedroom.

Eleanor, They're always smaller than the salesman makes them out to be....

Unimpressed guy - which is longer, your ring finger or your pointer finger (refer to next thread for details)

"Andrew Nelkin says the new screen weighs 400 pounds. If you buy one, and have a wall big enough to fit it, you'll want professional installation."

Hmmm..400 lbs...dedicated wall...Yeah, I GUESS you'll want someone to install it for you DUH...

"Hello, anyone home? I'm here to install El's new tv." George the Delivery Guy

Oooweee! I'll take one of him for Mom's Day! Forget the teevee.

Annie, your link altered my decision-making behaviour.

Annie-Yeah well...that works too.

The more you know:

I saw Samsung's new flat screen (not this one or this big) in the Dallas airport a couple of weeks ago and it was big, but it looked like the CrapCam. It may have been a signal problem, but it sure wouldn't sell itself the way it looked. As these screens get larger I wonder if the receiver/ wiring become limiting. Lot of money to spend just to watch DVDs.

The perfect gift for my dad - if it's ADHD-TV compatible. With a remote-controlled remote.

Does that thing come with a 40-pound remote?

King Wingbipeekaboo would like to know just exactly what the heck the cost of this thing is. How do they expect us to buy these if they don't cost anything? They're free? How would we buy one even if we knew the price? Do we just email Panasonic's Customer Service Department and have them please forklift the thing over to our house by Friday, because that's when the poolman shines the platinum lion on the diving board? It would take the entire US Navy to install this tv. Is that how this shindig works?

We fringe buyers need to know these things.

*snork* at atypicalwife and "ADHD-TV compatible"! Wow - that kinda nails it for the frenzied remote-hogs.

I suppose having a t.v. an extra inch bigger than the biggest plasma could be an attempt to make up for *cough* inches elsewhere..

"Andrew Nelkin says the new screen weighs 400 pounds. If you buy one, and have a wall big enough to fit it, you'll want professional installation."

Would you have bought one if you didn't have a wall big enough to fit it?

L - Sarah L that is ...

Of course!

A "Real Guy" wouldn't let an insignificant detail such as "Nowhere to put it" stop him from making a purchase such as this ... merely sayin' ...

... I mean ... family out on the lawn under the camping tent gazebo (even in Monsoon/Blizzard season), or taking all the unnecessary stuff like washer/dryer, stove, beds ... out, and placing them on the lawn (or in the garage, if he's really a caring, loving guy-type-gender person ...

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