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April 19, 2006


If you get Dad this, make sure you also get him this.

(Thanks to Kalyani)


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My dad already has one of the lights, as well as a bridge out sign

FIRST to line up to buy this.

Curses! Foiled by someone whose name I don't even understand.:(

*wonders if she/he read both links*

The police confiscated it? Now the poor guy is just going to have to shoot out the lights as he goes through. They leave him no choice.

Mom wants one, too.

engineers plan to update the city's Opticon system this year to block unauthorized light-changing signals.

Yeah, and they're going to prevent DVDs from being copied too. Not.

SN - Agreed. Why doesn't he just use a pellet gun like everybody else?

Everybody else uses pellet guns, right?

Yep, I did read them both. The previous name is just a shortening of this one.

Occasionally a shot gun is necessary but remember its always better to have your children shoot out the light while hanging out the window or popping up through the sun roof so that you can concentrate on driving.

Safety first, after all.

If I don't have children to hang out the window, can I borrow someone else's? I'm sure the neighbors would be understanding, what with safety and all.

Just make sure the "thigh safety" is on before you turn the heat over to the kids.

that's my motto - the things you see when you dont have your gun.
now can somebody please explain the sneakers hanging off the utility wires?

I live in a former "red bandana" neighborhood, and was told the sneakers hanging over the wires is a solemn tribute to a fallen brother. I was afraid to ask exactly WHOSE sneakers got upchucked; do they snatch them off of the corpse before it's hauled away or what?

You certainly APPEAR to be eminently suited to a role on the Supreme Court; but I'm sure my learned colleagues won't want to vote until you've explained your failure to mention this 2006 episode in which you were cited on suspicion of INTERFERING WITH A TRAFFIC SIGNAL, sir!!! Perhaps you could just answer a simple question: Was, or was NOT, the traffic signal 'interfered with'???

I just hate when God aces me out on a comment.

Queensbee, unfortunately those sneakers are children that were hanging out the window a little too far to shoot at the light and fell out. Their shoes flew off when they fell.

Fed, that is why it is always better to use someone else's children when shooting out traffic lights.

I knew that, Some_people_juggle_geese™ , but I don't understand this one either, especially the "dashes". Why are they at the bottom or why are they there at all or why is it none of my business because it's your name and you can call yourself whatever you want to. :)

*love going full circle*

El, go to your local video store and rent a tv series called Firefly. There are several of us browncoats infesting the DB blog.

what would happen if two of these guys arrived at the same intersection, at right angles? something like when Kirk talked the computer into having a nervous breakdown?

lol Insom. I think we need to work on our secret handshake.

I guess I have to work on my name a little more.
Sowwy El. Maybe I will try something completely normal. Like...
My real name.

Nah. Too Real

Did anyone else think of the Transformers when they mentioned Opticon?

*hates feeling left out on the joke*


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