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April 10, 2006


Dad wants this.


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Now Dave, where would you put that?

In fact, I want two. (One for the Bathroom.)

Dave can pro'lly see it from his backyard.

The heck with the game. I'd buy one for the pizza commercials with Jessica Simpson.

It's true ... the resolution of the image is amazing.

HA Chianca!! Ya didn't catch me THAT time!

Note to self: CR is on to you. Time to hide in cave and devise new scheme.

Mom wants one too.

Oh, man. So very cool. Spoken like a real man, Dave

With deference to Ms. daisymae, of course.

Me and the guys tried to steal this bad boy, but we couldn't figure out how to get it on the flatbed without drawing undue attention. Bob tried to create a distraction, but his rendition of Feelings didn't carry as much sway over the crowd's attention as the Caterpillar we rolled up in the end zone.

Snork @ Texas

daisy who's in Texas (the state)

and, of course, snork @ Fed Duck

The cynic says: Oh, great! Hundreds of channels with nothing on at thousands of times the price.

Fed - You should ask a few folks from Bawlmer how to remove it. Just recently we had about 140 LIGHT POLES stolen from the city streets. Some in broad daylight. One guy was caught with one sitcking out of the back of a station wagon!! We know how to remove (un)wanted items in OUR fair city.
Baltimore - the city that reads, if we had the light to see the writing.

As long as it comes with surround sound...

To be clear - when I say Light Poles, I mean the aluminum street light poles that illuminate the night... not waify anorexics from Warsaw.

*snorks* at Fed and CoastRaven!

Dave, chicks like *ahem* Big Screens too. :)

Wouldn'tyaknow....the dang thing doesn't have a hookup for my Xbox 360...

Sure, I buy it now, and they just come out with something bigger tomorrow...

How hard is it to fix when an errant football hits the screen and cracks it.

Is The Man Show on DVD yet? That's what I want for Father's Day.

wow - that's even bigger than El's

...so if I still remember my gradeschool math, this television set is basically half the length of the official football field itself? That just seems wrong somehow.

Thank God this puppy wasn't around for Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction. There would have been legions of men running for their shrinks' couches for Oedipal counseling.


Forget sports or electronics. What dads really want this Father's Day is dinner out with the family, an InteractiveDad.com poll shows. And the gift that dads don't want? The necktie, which beats out underwear for the bottom spot.

TAMPA, Fla. April 17 -- Most dads want to dine out with family this Father's Day and definitely don't want a necktie, according to an online survey by InteractiveDad.com, the free online web site for fathers.

The survey shows that 36-percent of dads want to eat out with the family for Father's Day and 25-percent of dads say a tie is about the worst gift they could receive.

"I think this survey will be eye-opening for those who think they know what they're dads want," says InteractiveDad.com editor Glenn Lawrence. "I also think that when it comes to being a parent, dads are not that different than moms--they cherish time with their families and want to know they're loved."

Lawrence says even he was surprised to see the results, since commercials and advertising would have consumers believing that what dads want is the latest electronic gadget.

But the InteractiveDad.com poll shows only 13-percent want something electronic.

Just over 8-percent want time alone to do what they want; 6-percent would prefer a gift that's sports related.

What Dads DON'T Want

As for the necktie, the gift that dads least want to receive...

It beat out underwear for the bottom spot in the InteractiveDad.com poll.

Nearly 30-percent of dads said a tie would be their least favorite gift; 21-percent said cologne/aftershave; 16-percent said underwear; 15-percent said socks; 14-percent voted power tools as their least favorite Father's Day gift.

"Everyone expects men to probe to find the perfect gift for Mother's Day yet when it comes to men most people assume sports, electronics and ties are the winning gifts," says InteractiveDad.com editor Glenn Lawrence. "We certainly hope that this survey gets people thinking when they're gift buying."

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