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April 17, 2006


Now they're taking away our right to get old

(Thanks to Sarah J)



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Oh no - we don't have ANY sort of quota for citations in our department.



This is what I'm saving for retirement for?


"Of the 94 pedestrians killed ... 31 were seniors"

My math sez that a full 2/3 of the pedestrians killed were NOT seniors... let's get THEM out of the way FIRST!

YAY!! I got posted!! Twice in one week!! (week= period of 7 days)

Those seniors are going to raise cane about this...

Sarahj, You go Girl! But quickly.

i was almost *first*... but i couldn't get my comment out fast enough.

maybe we should buy the senior citizens roller skates to help speed them on their way.

Grannies On Rollerskates WBAGNF so many things...

I thought I saw this blogged here already? No? My memory is failing me?
*taps battery pack*
Dang hearing aid...

OK, normally I'm a smartass, but this just pisses me off

shouldn't the cop have got off his fat ass and out of his car and helped the old lady across the street? i mean, isn't that his job?

well, if it isn't, it damn well should be


Asked why it took so long for her to cross the street, Mayvis replied, " That Depends.."

That's just mean.

I agree, Tahmores. He should have helped her. Yesterday I saw a Highway Patrol car pulled over on the side of the road beside a little blue car and jumper cables in his hands. It made me smile to see them helping the blue car guy out :)

yes, this was blogged before, HOWEVER, it's worth posting again. :) Hi, judi!
-my theory is that the cop is sick of seeing people nearly killed crossing that street and he figured he'd get something done about it by issuing her a ticket. It seems to be working.
We have a pedestrian crossing near my work that even I can't get across in time. A couple years ago, a mom was killed there - she saved her kid by pushing her to safety. Maybe they'll extend the crossing time.

Can't they make a road sign "OLD PEOPLE CROSSING" like the deer crossing or school crossing?

Could have a old person with walker or something. :)

Interesting read. I think the officer should be slapped (but I mean that in the nicest possible way). Real SImple Magazine had a suggestion under random acts of kindness that included the suggestion of walking at the same pace as elderly persons in crosswalks so that they don't feel self conscious (or in as much danger). I loved it. Its advice I took to heart.

SarahJ - Did you watch to see exactly where (or, more to the point, to what or who) the patrolman attached the cables?

SarahJ - that wasn't a cop - it was a guy dressed as a cop stealing the car.

i believe this was the original post, which is an update of the story. the final line mentions that the timing of ms. coyles' light has been adjusted.

I'm pretty sure he was a cop- he had a cop car with the lights flashing, a uniform, and the blue car guy was standing in front of his car, the state trooper in front of his, and they were attaching the cables.

Sarah J - it's amazing the lengths some people will go to steal a car. ;)

TC-APBFSARK (All Points Bulletin For Stolen And Resold 'K') - I couldn't agree more! He was pro'lly sitting there seeing if he could finish writing out the ticket before she got across! Either that or he wanted to finish his donut.

Call me, cute little old lady, this is an outrage!!!

tc, you're confusing boy scouts with cops, which i assure you, they are not.

there's never a boy scout around when you need them.

They should hire really old policemaen to patrol the crosswalks. By the time they got there and wrote a ticket, even the great-great grannies would be gone.

Folks, I see grandmas here in Jersey (among others) who look like they wait until the light's about to change to start crossing... And crossing guards that cross them. Like the world should stop because they've so kindly decided to go for a walk...

In the past three seasons I've werked in CA -- mostly SoCal -- I have yet to see a "Walk" light that even a sprinting teen-ager can manage to ... um ... cross ... in time ... um ...

boy, that's a terrible sentence structure, ain't it?

I think mebbe y'all know whut I mean ... the light says "Walk" and before the average person is even halfway across, it switches to "Dont Walk" ...

Of course, every time this happens, I think of Ray (Rainman) Babbitt ...

Stupid cop ...

Loss of Humor Alert! Loss of Humor Alert!

You think that cop realizes that he is going to be that little old person crossing the street someday? Dammit, the world can slow down for the few extra seconds it takes for a person, no matter what age, to cross the street safely.

Here where I live there is a school crossing at a red light on a six lane highway. The kids using this crossing are 5th and 6th graders. The police have refused to put a crossing guard at this intersection because it would be too dangerous for the officer.

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