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April 26, 2006


Just what we need: grown men, playing with their hamsters.

(Thanks to Artchick)


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Hey, at least it keeps them distracted from playing with their pocket weasels (NTTAWWT).

Let's just hope there's not a Richard Gere version...

Urban legends welcome here... ;)

not just hamsters, judi, man-eating hamsters.

oh, heh heh, i just realized why that might be of interest to aforementioned richard gere...

doesn't sound like much fun for the hamster.

I just realized "The Pocket Weasels" WBAGNFARB.

Sayonara, all. I have to get some sleep before going back to mine more salt tonight.---KC

I don't think Hamsters eating people is a GAME.

More like a sport.


Time to alert PETA
Pixels for the Ethical Treatment of Animations.

hey, that's my school! *beams with pride*
they also gave you the chicken hugging vests ...

Oh yeah, my pets and I love it when I starve them and then play keep away with food.

This game is for really lonely researcher type people isn't it? When I play with my pets it is more along the lines of fetch. Not some sort of weird, passive agressive, lingering mother issues, secret desire to be eaten, strange type fantasy, dangling food, pet & media interaction type thing.

NTTAWWT - because to say anything else just wouldn't be pc.

"He wandered in his undies all over the house, but we minded our own business,
Till we caught him stuffing hamsters up a gift wrap tube--"

Anyone know what song this is from?

Glix | 03:02 PM on April 26, 2006
Don't know the song, but 'remote pet interaction' sounded like the movie theater, suave arm-drape.

How's this?? ROLL CALL!!!


*calls rolls; butters*

Woo! I call multigrain!


*sends insom an electric goat*


i know what my androids will be dreaming of tonight!


*dreams of Insom's androids*

Wait. *wakes up suddenly* Did I bring that nasty thing back with me to the Kilt? Did it follow me? Or was it here already and NOT related to the Urbn d*ctionary place?


I'm sure the electric sheep will be happy to have a night off, insom. Maybe you can shear them with a blade runner.

I was trying to think of a "Philip K. Dick" pun for you, but I've been informed that this is a family blog...ish.

Neo...*SMOOCH!* I don't know, and it doesn't matter anyway. We've got some sweet new digs!

So ... if this Electric Sheep country, where's Sean Young?

(Merely ... um ... curious ...)

I've had encounters with that same thing you described, neo. Says my computer's full of smut and it wants to clean it for me. I had to close three pop-up windows, but it went away eventually.

OK I think I see the problem. There is a ADWare program called, Trymedia that seems to be captured by a highjack program named EUniverse.
Everyone should do a scan with Ad-Aware or something to try and solve it.

Also, do androids have electric boogers?

I'm not gonna guess about electric boogers, Alfred, but I'm thinkin' their electric sheep would have electric lice ... merely ... itchy ...

< a href="http://serendip.brynmawr.edu/exchange/node/563"> Electric Slide its not what I thought it was. I grew up thinking it was a Line Dance that Hicks Danced to. Appparently I was wrong. I find this hilarious.

Do androids listen to Techno?

*peeks in* *waves*

(gotta go back n heinz)


That is all.

Drat, Jodie Sweetin and the Electric Slide was just to much for the Blog. I apologise.

Wait... I know where you all are. Harry Potter gets eaten by a Death Eater!!

I have no idea. It's only 9 my time.

YAY! for a new kilt!!

It's still hot here, and the air is full of smoke.

*prays for rain*

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, southerngirl ... have a good day!


i wish you a wonderful year! *smooch*

Reading the book now.

Yay for Southerngirl being still alive. To think that a 100 years ago even the age of 30 was considered enviable to live too. Whatever age you are, be glad of your modern times.

And with that, Harry Potter.

Happy Birthday, s-girl!

Eat, drink, and be merry.

Happy Birthday, southerngirl!

*sistahly smooooch*

happy birthday , southerngirl!




thanks for all the b'day wishes. :)

and bumble...*snork!*

Jeezely ... it would appear that everybuddy is busy readin' the new Potter book ... or trineta find out whut happens without buyin'/readin' it ...

Happy Birthday, sg!

Sarah J - stop it with the rain, okay? Enough is enough!

*goes back to reading Harry Potter*

s-girl~ Glad I could give ya a b-day snork. :-)

Now that I am home from work, I will commence reading Harry Potter.

G'night, everybody!

Just finished the book. All I can say is Zombie Dumbledore fighting it out with Snape. I mean I saw it coming from the earlier parts of the book, but who was expecting such a strange twist.

Alfred~ I just started! No posting spoilers on the Kilt! You should know better!

*beats Alfred with a wet noodle*

I guess I'm just going to have to stay off the computer till I'm done, eh? :-)

yeah, thats what I did.

Harry Commits Suicide!!

ok, that was just Wrong! if that's true, i am not savin' yer a$$, kiddo! the doghouse is even closed.

*readies the bunker*

Alfred~ I'm going to assume that book seven comment was a joke on your part since it would just suck if the last book was that badly written.

But please, nothing else about it till we're all done. I just skimmed the comment at first; when I saw it was about the book, I quit reading. Don't scare me like that! ;-)

*pinches Alfred*

*goes back to reading*

Yes, the comments aren't true. JK Rowling would never let Harry do such a thing, nor would she allow a Zombie Dumbledore.

I read a lot of books before my family and friends, I also happen to see a lot of movies before anyone else as well. The Harry Potter books are the one time I get the chance to actually do stuff like that. It is one of the more sad times for me to have this full knowledge on how stuff will happen and not be able to talk about it.

The Zombie Dumbledore and Harry Commits Suicide thing are actually pretend theories I had way before I read the book. So relax.

... tho not actually that bad as ideas go, Alfred ... for "alternative" plot endings and such ... Dumbledore comin' back from the dead (with all the magic and stuff in the storyline, not a stretch at all) to help defeat a baddie, or Harry doin' a Kamikaze in order to save Hogwarts for all of the rest of them kids & their families ... disappointin' I s'pose, but a sad/feelgood resolution ...

Hey, even Superman died ... but then he came back to life ... that's part of the wonder of books ... fiction and fantasy are too enjoyable to (always) allow reality to interfere with our readin' pleasure ...

It's RAINING!!! YAY! for rain!!!

It'll probably stop in a few minutes

It stopped :(

There's a BIG black dog eating waffles outside. I don't know where the dog came from, or why the guys in the apartment across the lawn have waffles on the ground next to their door.

Hmm, you know what seeing a big black dog eating waffles means.

Sorry, SJ.

*Goes back to finish Harry Potter*


Not the big black canine waffle eater!

Sarah! Save yourself! (Or just go on over and enjoy. Depends what kinda mood you're in.)

*dips self in maple syrup*

no fair!!!

we got our copy today, but i'm third in line to read it!


*goes to bed, cuz she has nothin to read*

cane syryp's better...just sayin

*smooches clover*

nite for real, kilties!

syrup, even


Alfred~ Sarah saw Sirius Black! The archway in the Dept. of Mysteries goes to Utah! Who knew? ;-)

(Or is Sarah in CA?)

Hmm, you know what seeing a big black dog eating waffles means.

...there's a new i.h.o.p. in salem, massachusetts?

*snork* @ insom

Bumble- Well yes, Sarah happens to be magical. For instance. She typed her message in Utah. But she must be in Washington because thats where I read it.
Zombie Sirius eats your Waffles!!!

Whoa! You leave for a bit and find out you've missed TWO birthdays, they've moved the whole danged place, AND there are no waffles left! Sheesh.

OK, I'm sorry, but you birthday ladies are going to have to share this one.

[Worksafe - NOT!!]

(OtheU, this is the one I posted at the Main Blog acouple of weeks back; hope you can open it this time.)

I don't know about Uncle O, but I couldn't see anything on that link.

It was a very large, wiggly candle.

I think I could prolly open it, 'Blue ... but I've developed a mild distaste for any sites for which I need to sign up, in order to access ... NBD ... I'm merely bein' a cranky old poophead ... which, at my age, seems reasonably appropriate ... merely sayin' ...

You aren't missing much. And by your work, this includes the guy trying to steal your identity.

I said that wrong.
I meant this, not offering up your name means that you won't have someone steal your identity later.

Because of the er, mature, subject matter, the site asks you to confirm that you are old enough to be viewing it by clicking on a "Confirm Birth Date" button. You don't actually input any info about yourself, and, so far as I know, you don't need to register at Y0uTube to view their videos.

BTW, there's nothing raunchy to be seen, only suggestive. Whatever. On to other matters, like .... um ........ er ........ Look! Something shiny!

C'mon, ya Kilties. This ain't a soliqoul... a siloloq .... a monologue, here. Nudge, nudge.

oooh, that tickled...


*peeks in*

GAH! You were being raunchy without me??


..........Okay, I'm over it.


Happy Pioneer Day!!

YAY! for no school!!!

SarahJ- Those are some plasticy looking people. They all look like Brigham Young.
I can't remember, is July 24th when they left, or is it when they arrived in the Salt Lake Valley. My Great Great Grandfather came a little later. He was no one important. So much so that his diary was listed in the Ensign. My mother has the original diary. That was when I really started to study history, when I realized that I had ancestors who lived through it.

I still have work. Because the vast majority of Yakima is Catholic. They announce midnight mass in the local paper.

Meanie- How did you get the Javascript to work?

Alfred, if you dig into it enough, you might learn some astounding things about what your ancestors lived through. And your descendants will likely find that the same is true when they dig into their ancestors.

I don't know what makes the Javascript work, but I embedded the code within the URL part of the standard HTML < a href ="URL" > with some text in here < /a > tags.

You can copy the code by right-clicking on the link in my earlier post and then clicking on "Copy shortcut".

Please promise that you will use this knowledge only for good. (You may define good however you like).

I gnu whut you meant in your first post, Alfred, when I read it, even before the second post ... and despite the fact that I haven't been back here until now ...

Nah, the "prove your age" thingy is a very mild irk to me ... I mean ... if them little kids in Africa with the "free" computers can get on -- by, one assumes, "proving" their age -- it's a joke, at best, and actually perty pathetic ...

No, whenever I see sumthin' that resembles a "sign up" page, I'm usually gone ... it's gotta be sumthin' I really WANT (like a shoppin' site for huntin' and fishin' gear, or camera stuff ...) before I'll load myself down with yet another password and user ID name ...

That is a heavy load to bear.

A href="javascript:function Shw(n) {if (self.moveBy) {for (i = 5; i > 0; i--) {for (j = n; j > 0; j--) {self.moveBy(10,i);self.moveBy(i,10);self.moveBy(10,-i);self.moveBy(-i,10); } } }} Shw(6)">It is all in the eyes of the beholder


Or perhaps you want these fish.

Fishing humour. Weird stuff.

To be honest the whole idea of comparing fishing to women is pretty bad. Certainly I would like a nice bass, but I would also like a wrather large sturgeon as well. I would toss it back of course. Something as old as the dinosaurs should be respected.
Then we realize that I like the deep sea, but small streams are fun as well. Unless attacked by something that happens to want what I am fishing for.
Or far worse, getting killed by what I caught. A harpoon in the belly does not describe my love life.
Nor does trying to catch salmon in the correct season, but attempting to keep my camp clean for fear of bear attacks.
Hunters make the entire thing seem insane. Once while fishing I was fired at by some (Idiots) people that some how thought we were deer. My Dad nearly got killed. Is that what a love life is like?
Who on earth made up these strange rules?

shimmy, shimmy, cocobop


ty, blue!:)

(alfred, cye!)

Hey, Cyn - what's shakin'?

Alfred, you reminded me of George C@rlin's old routine where he examined the suggestive implications of certain advertising slogans. The one you brought to mind was "I'd walk a mile for a C@mel". Generally speaking, though, I make it a policy to not compare women to fish or fishing. It leads to extremely negative associations, and one of those two groups tends to get very offended.

So long, and thanks .....

does this mean this thing is working today?

Seems to working OK so far, SG. Unless I break it again.


and you said I was trouble... ;p

1) Never said you were the only trouble 'round here.
2) Never said your brand of trouble wasn't exactly what this place needs
3) *Waits for negatives to be sorted through*
4) *Copies this post for submittal to the Save The Threes Alliance*

Blue...how many times we do have to tell you...?? If you jump up and down on the Kilt all "boingy-boingy-boingy", it's gonna break!

2) Never said your brand of trouble wasn't exactly what this place needs

oooh...i'm gonna take that as a compliment. ;)

and *snork* at sharon's "boingy-boingy-boingy"


*hops thru the kilt on a pogo stick*

bumble, if you're gonna do that, you need to say "boingy-boingy-boingy"™


< a href="javascript:function Shw(n) {if (self.moveBy) {for (i = 5; i > 0; i--) {for (j = n; j > 0; j--) {self.moveBy(10,i);self.moveBy(i,10);self.moveBy(10,-i);self.moveBy(-i,10); } } }} Shw(6)" >Let's try this again. I totally copy pasted it this time< /a >

Something is blocking the text from my end.


I'm appreciative of your insights, Alfred ... yup, there's some really STOOPID ones out there who carry firearms and (presumably) can purchase a license to exhibit that dumbness ...

Not that it would be NE comfort, but most hunters I know have been in similar circumstances their ownselfs ... endangered by other hunters who mess up the day ...

IMHO, there's nuthin' quite like the sound of a bullet whirrin' past, close enuf to hear the variations and nuances thereof, to completely capture one's attention at that moment ... merely sayin' ...

Yeah, nothing ruins a good day of fishing like being shot at. I hunted before that day, and after. But to be honest, I really disliked it. It took me a while to trust Gun lovers again. And even then, I have some weariness to them.
Knife makers are cool though.

I keep waiting for my friend to finish the Hitchhikers Guide series so I can send him the video of the Dolphins singing.

I believe the fish would be insulted. I mean look at women, they can't even breath underwater. How can they live like that?

I got the Kilt to Rumble!!!


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