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April 18, 2006


We love The Smoking Gun.


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We do too.

I love that story.

You could say the guy was hoppin' mad at the Easter Bunny


*warm fuzzies*

This is heartwarming. Anything for the kids.

i keep tellin' you, that guy and *this* evil bunny are one in the same...

Somewhere, Lewis Carroll is laughing his head off.

I like to look at the mug shots. Some famous people are just nasty looking. No offense, Wynonna Judd...

I'm sorry, I'm confused. How is this an update over this one? Did I misss something?

...meaning this one

The dark side of Peter Cottontail.

Next year, Easter is going to be loads of fun in the Johansson household.

"Look, Susie, there's a white chocolate bunny in your basket!"

*Susie shrieks in terror, requiring months of expensive rabbit-fear therapy*

They should just let the kids shoot Arthur and Crystal with paintball guns at close range.

I hate white chocolate.

i guess if we can have bad santa, bad bunny isn't so awful.

"McClure's occupation is listed as "Easter Bunny" on the arrest report, which also notes that he has a bear head tattooed on his right arm."

Sooooo I'll supply just the punchline to the oldie but goodie...
"Then the bear wiped his a$$ with the rabbit"

Easter Bunny... the other white trash?

SHOUTING Hey, Coast! Your e-mail, please check.

Yeah, those are just the kind of pleasant-looking folks I'd want to bring holiday joy to my kids. Makes me wonder what was under the giant bunny suit I had my picture taken with as a kid.


Did anyone else follow the link to the Hooters story at The Smoking Gun? Good stuff.

"Mom, can I take Uncle Arthur to career day at school?"
"Um, no dear. He's out of the bunny business now."
"So how come people still call him Thumper?"
"Eat your breakfast."


oh - and welcome back ya big blue lug ya!

Hippity, hoppity, whackity.

That wascally wabbit!


Be welly welly quiet, the wabbit is hunting for us!

Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hoppin' down cell block #7.

Olo -- no, no, that's part of the therapy. See, then she can take particular pleasure in biting the bunny's head off...

Here comes Peter Cottontail,
Hoppin' down cell block #7.


pssst, Lefty, I'll trade you two cigarettes for a head of lettuce

it's not an update, bj, but you know, dave never reads anything i post ;)

Dave, this is Judi. Judi, meet Dave. We'll just let you kids get acquainted now.

judi - perhaps that's because there's usually a naked man in there somewhere... just sayin' ;)

So can I make the same comments I made yesterday and will they be considered witty this time around too?

SN - of course. We're all infinitely witty, with occasional bouts of redundancy.

don't feel bad, judi - he never posts what I send in - hissing roach brooch. I like the part where he says he only uses male roaches, since the females bite.
If this is password only and you're really interested, I can post the whole story.

Annie WBH,

I really need a pic to go with that story.


annie, that's a great story--but a little "2 weeks ago". that's when cnn did a feature on this jewelry line--the jeweler/designer (if that's what/who he really is) was also featured in people magazine. unless there's another roach broach line of jewelry out there! ; )

in which case we should all be afraid!

Oh, thanks, Annie. Now I finally have something to wear with my Land Crab hat and Armadillo purse!

You'll be doing hard time
For beating mothers in line
You'll wish you kept your head on
In the Easter Line-Up!

Helping out your Mrs.
With punches, blows and fist-es
Seems an open doorway
To the Easter Line-Up!

puppytoes - oops, that explains it. It just seemed to 'Barryesque.'
pix & video (if you're up to it) here -
pet roaches

Easter basket - $10

plastic eggs - $2

picture taken with the Easter Bunny - $5

Being clocked BY the Easter Bunny - Priceless...

Scottagecheese - not 'priceless,' but close -actually closer to $850,000 after attorneys' fees.

Ahhh, but the memories... (sigh)

annie, i sent him that one, but because it requires registration, it didn't get blogged. i still haven't read it. i can, however, report that my daughter's 9th-grade science teacher wore one of those every day. and that was, what, 8 years ago?

Gold uses only male roaches — females bite — which he gets from a Los Angeles breeder.

Charlie Cucaracha: *primps* I just think all of thethe thequinth and thtoneth are just to die for!

Suzy Cucaracha: Sissy! *CHOMP*

"And to think I passed up that gig on Fear Factor!"

annie...now see that actually is a different story! the one on cnn was about a guy who dips spiders (aieee), roaches, and other critters in silver/gold/whatever... and sells 'em for a sh*tload of money! but i actually have seen stories similar to this one in the past--however, you are oh-so-correct... it is most definitely barry-esque!

and, judi, did it worry you that your daughter's teacher had/wore one of those? 'cuz... ewwww! (i'm just sayin'...)

"...arrested the Easter Bunny on battery charges..."

News update: The rabbit was large and pink, wearing sunglasses and sandals, and beating an enormous bass drum.

Thanks, judi - I won't send in any more LA Times stories, due to registration. No sense in you reading any more than you have to.
I could almost see a science teacher wearing one, but a couture pet? Maybe for the goth crowd.

Hey Dave,

I've loved your stuff for years. Keep up the good work.


Testing... one two three... testing - why am I being blocked?

SN - maybe it's pick on Canadians day?

I am so insulted.

*sitting arms folded in a huff*

Okay - something I'm saying is ticking the machine off. I was trying to invite someone over to the other thread. I blame the evolutionists. They are blocking content. How unfair.

Dear Canadian - the 'machine' is designed to prevent sp@mming, so it limits how many times you can post within a minute. If you've got 'postitis', you have to type in the 'password' before proceeding.
In summation - multiple posts within a minute will trigger the 'machine.' Unless it's totally blocking content from you -then the Canuckifier is working properly.

SN - is it just blocking you outright, asking for a code to be typed in that it supplies, or calling your comment "possible sp@m"

It was blocking content. Maybe I can sneak across our border before the wall goes up, join the protests and then be granted American citizenship and then can I post?

*snork* at easter!

SN - one or more words in the post you were trying to submit is flagged - try substituing characters instead of letters for words like s*x, g@mbling or p@rty - even the word ch@t can cause a problem.

Try offering the machine some cheap drugs, SN. Other than that, do what Annie says and be patient.

I know that the robot HATES ch@t!

Brand names will also trigger the "Comment sp@m" inquisition. Use a character in within those, too.

I remember when this blog used to block the word "car" for some unfathomable reason.

*Boards blogeezer bus*

and yet, the word viagra slips right through

Ah! I was using ch@t in a comment. I deleted every other bad word, insult, demeaning reference. Never occured to me that such a polite, English word would be considered verboden.

Crossgirl - we didn't say it was a smart robot.....

*giggles at tony*

SN - it's an american robot so it wants you to invite someone over for a talk.

a site i know blocked the word a** but then wouldn't allow anyone to say they were from Ma**achusetts...

I am guessin Mana$$as would be taboo too insom.

The Smoking Gun is a great source of information. Great story!

Thanks for posting it.


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