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April 26, 2006


Do not click this link. Especially if you're having lunch. If you do, don't blame the s.b.

Blame Susannah Nation.

FOOD-RELATED UPDATE: Here's the gas-free beans link, so you can stop sending it in now. Thank you so much!


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what kind of cereal was this person eating?

An anonymous tip has just been called into police head quarters..Police are now searching for a man known only as "Ralph"...

I didn't click.

i also like the fact that the words vomit and dumper are in the same headline.

Gas free beans? What's the point of eating them?

They assembled a bunch of smart thinkers
and with some black beans they did tinker
they tweaked the enzymes
and this they did find
effectively silenced the sphincter

But why, oh why, I lamented
do we eat beans thus fermented?
you can eat a whole bowl
until you're quite full
and frustratingly, you're de-scented

Police are now searching for a man known only as "Ralph"...

Who was last seen driving a late model Buuuuuiiiiicccckkk

Actually, I'm guessing there's a glut of supermodels driving through the area scarfin' & barfin' their way across the land.

This happened in either Japan or Tokyo last year too. It turned out to be a clost bulemic. Not that that makes it any less weird.


the altered black bean
no sqeak, warble or flutter
nary a whisper

to find inner peace
eat the beans of the squeamish
the silence below

besides my nethers
I have no one to talk to
did I just say that?

Forget about 'who dumped them', I wanna know what kind of idiot SAVES barf in TRASH BAGS to begin with?

I've seen this article elsewhere, fortunately between meals.

I wonder if they have checked out the local modeling agency?

Saw an episode of "Intervention" the other day where a bulimic woman threw up in baggies and then hid them in her closet and dumped them once a week. Sounds like that type of thing.

I blame the squirrels.

I suggest they change the name of the town to Dupuque, Iowa.

IS there an epidemic of defective toilets I don't know about?

Who throws up in a trashbag and hides the evidence when you can just flush it bye-bye?

strange: saving barf in trash bags.
stranger: saving a bit of barf in each bag, leading to many barf bags.

Writing in the Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture, Granito and colleagues found that adding these two gut bacteria to beans before cooking them made them even less likely to cause flatulence.

So all I have to do before cooking is to sh, uh dum, I mean po... Nevermind, not goin' there.

A bean is a must in your diet
Whether it's loud or it's quiet
A few every day
Help keep people at bay
For protection, I think I must try it!

Wow, mudstuffin's on a roll!

"The Serial Vomit Dumpers" WBAGNFARB, particularly of the punk variety.

"Me and you and a model named Sue, scarfin' and a-barfin' 'cross the land..." (Apologies to Lobo)

Does remembering "Me And You And A Dog Named Boo" qualify me for the geezer bus?

No, Kid Charlemagne, though a great old Steely Dan song might.

Throws an 'a' and an A+ to mudstuffin.

*SNORK* @ Coast.

Bulemic barfs into bag outside away from family members, sticks bag in car, chucks it out window next morning on way to work.

I love the fact when i looked at thu=is article there was a mcdonalds ad underneath it.

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