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April 09, 2006


There are all kinds of benefits.

(Thanks to Trish)


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"help to keep vital organs in place"

Mebbe the guys from Fridays "Attention Men" thread should have had one of these.

OK - thats freaky - I SWORE I was still in the Sqeem thread.

"The same goes for alligator bites or shark bites."
Wait a minute - people are getting bitten by SHARKS in Fla backyards???

So there's this:

Many people have reported seeing snakes in their yards, when they normally don't.

& then right after, there's this:

One snake expert says this is the time of year you will see more snakes.

I demand the so-called liberal media gives us the straight story on snakes in yards.

So, snakes are the new sharks?

Another great name for a rock band, or a CBS-TV movie of the week: Snakes on the Move.

I could swear that snakes [or something else scary] "on the move" has been blogged before, in the last six months or so. I'm not complaining; I'm just concerned about whether the shrubbery is rustling ominously with a double dose of snakes, or snakes plus gators/sharks/squirrels/giant rabbits or Jack Bauer...If anyone remembers what else is on the move, remind me.
It's SO hard to relax these days...

"It gets a lot of media attention when someone gets bitten and then people start paying more attention to snake stories. The same goes for alligator bites or shark bites."
You folks in Florida got a lot of things with teeth to worry about in your backyards, don't you?

"Since the First Cost has seen ..."

"Which is is sometimes where everybody ..."

First COST?? Is is?? Who the heck edits their copy?

Quote that stimulates a "DUH":

He adds that increased construction and brush fires are kicking snakes out of their homes.

So ... If they don't want the snakes (and other critters) to have a place to live, why don't they just pave over all of Florida?

... um ... oh ... nevermind ...

i'm not sure i buy this, if i'm bit by a snake, i will make the same amount of fuss, regardless of the time of year...

and all we get are scorpions....Panajachel misses All the fun...*pout*

Mebbe the snakes down there have more sense?

Also, Sondra, y'all don't have the cubic-yards of concrete/ashphalt per capita that Dave does in Florida ... merely sayin' ...

wait, so, snakes are farmers?

I would like to request a warning before clicking when pics of these creatures are to appear - I have "issues"!

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