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April 13, 2006


Now they want to take away our fundamental right to take snakes into a bank.

(Thanks to Mollenkamp)


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Silly customer, everybody knows snakes are welcome only in credit unions.

Oh, and Congress, too.

If you can't take snakes into a bank, the next thing you know, you won't be able to take guns either. Fascists!

Judge bans snakes from bank?

Are the loan officers gonna work from home now??

This guy is really twissssssssted.

What's next? Planes?

Silly boy. He should realize that as negotiating bodies for customer service complaints, snakes just aren't effective. I recommend aligators. Especially for banks, congress, IRS etc.

Snakes on Planes? Yes.

Snakes in banks? No.

I've always been partial to my two friends, Mr. Smith and Mr. Wesson to help settle minor disputes over money. Snotty customer service people seem to listen to them a little more attentively. Or at least it worked for Dirty Harry.

I found this article more interesting (listed at the bottom of the pet snake in bank article). Way to go, L.A.

MOTW - Yes, pedestrians seriously impede the flow of traffic here.

I know some of my other posters have mentioned this but Snakes on a Plane just looks like a cool movie. I mean after all it has Jules in it.

If "Snakes on a Plane" is a hit, they will need sequels, like "Snakes at the Bank" or "Snakes at the DMV" or worse yet, "Snakes in the Express Lane at Winn Dixie: You Just Thought It Was Going To Be Quicker!"

The franchise could go on forever... and probably will.

no no... i keep telling you... the sequel will be "Snakes on a Plane! with legs!" (remember?) : P

uh... or is that: "Snakes with Legs on a Plane"? (SLOAP?)

and p.s.: i understand the need, but is anyone else annoyed by the random "code" thing that pops up, randomly, and from time to time, at the most random moments? (or is that just too random a question for this particular thread?)

note to self:

avoid whipping your snake out in a bank

note to TCK: you whip your snake?

Of course he should bring those snakes to the bank - they were puff ADDERS. He knew they would bring high interest to his account.

Tiny - you're thinking of that sperm bank where you bounced a czech...but at least you're thinking.

Annie - it wasn't my fault - that czech had it coming

Hey, everybody chill. This is South Africa, not the good ol' USA. Our rights are still safe here (last time I checked).

xbalanke- you're right. To open an account in this country you have to have at least 2 anacondas.

Just think how many slithering, poisonous snakes are around when Congress is in session.

Texas - that reminds me - how is Tom DeLay doing?

Snakes. Why....... Oh, you know.

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