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April 21, 2006


I am sitting in the Detroit airport (that's what I do with my spare time; sit in airports) and I am reporting that Mr. Stevie Wonder just walked by.

UPDATE: I am also reporting that the Detroit airport is WAY nicer than the Miami airport. Maybe we should steal it.


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I can't believe he didn't say hi when he saw you!

*snorks* at kmoore116

Does he fly his own plane?

Attention Ladies and Gentlemen: We have a Guest Celebrity Pilot today...Mr. Stevie Wonder!

You should have asked him if he made the joke about cow squeezing--there's apparently some eBay money to be made there.

Dave, have you seen Stevie Wonder's house? Neither has he.

oh you people, all those blind jokes. i sure didnt see them coming....

I wonder if there's a blogger somewhere that reports when Dave Barry walks by in an airport?

Does Stevie Wonder have a blog?

If you think Detroit is better than Miami, then you must be over in the new terminal. You want CRAP, fly out of Detroit's Old Terminal (still in use by every airline except Northwurst). I'd take Miami over that POS any day. I keep hearing they are going to tear it down and build a new one, but I don't think any self-respecting construction worker wants to come near that old building.

I'd rather think DAVE is the Celebrity over there.

Well, Dave you are not that far away. So when are you going to do a book signing this way? Anyway have a good trip. See, interesting things do happen when you are waiting at the airport.

You wanna talk about a POS airport, I just changed planes at O'Hare--in the old terminal. That place has not changed one iota since 1962. It has ceilings that are about 8 ft high, it still smells like cigarette smoke, and ISIANMTU, it has Hari Krishnas handing out flowers and reading material. At least there is glimmer of hope that the MIAPCZ will someday be completed, at O'Hare the only hope is that your flight will not be delayed.

hey! I'm in Detroit!

So Dave is stuck in Detroit's sparkling airport
Spotting celebs is almost his last resort
His patience gone, and losing batt'ry power
He'll be cut off in just over an hour!

Blogging just enough, just enough for the witty!

I bet he Wondered who YOU were...

Dave, join the club. I just got back home from sitting in airports for a couple of days. I was just in Boulder, CO and guess what I saw posted inside the Borders store on Pearl St.? An ad for an upcoming Rock Bottom Remainders concert on April 27!

It was proudly posted waaaay in the back of the store, right in front of the men's restroom.

Does Stevie Wonder live in Detroit? If not, was he doing a concert? Or why else was he there? Inquiring minds want to know.
I'd like to announce that as of today, my age is the same as the name of a favorite TV show of ours.
All year! :-)

Dave, Was Stevie by himself? He could have been wandering around aimlessly, looking lost and confused and since it's an airport no one would think twice about that. Poor Stevie.

Oh, and Dave - You are the sunshine of my life.

Oh! And big news here in Cow Hampshire!!!

The pumpkin is now the State Fruit!

(I'm trying to decide how I feel about that!)

The new terminal at DTW is by far my favorite place to be delayed. The fountain is the coolest, except for the fact that whenever we go near it, the kids are certain to lean up against it and get completely soaked.

Note to parents connecting through Detroit: Pack a change of clothing for the kids in the carry-ons. This consequence is unavoidable, but still worth the trip to the fountain. :)

Happy B'Day, Betsi!

Stevie used to live in that area, don't know if he still does anymore.

Happy B-Day, betsi! You're a young'un!

Happy birthday Betsi! My friend Marc is turning 24 today too!

Happy B-Day Betsi!!
Dont know if Stevie still lives in Detroit, but I do know he has roots there. Of course they could play a constant soundtrack of gunfire outside the window of his LA home, and TELL him he was still in Detroit. What harm would it do?
P.S. the Most Beautiful Lady on the Planet is only about an hour west of you Dave - if you see her give her a BIG hug for me please!!

I read that today Stevie delivered a package in Detroit that he had signed and sealed..

Betsi-Happy Birthday!!

Coast-If Stevie saw her, I bet he'd say "Isn't she lovely?"

Dave-I bet Stevie's a Remainders fan.

and finally

*snork @ all o' y'all who said funny stuff

:-) Thanks guys. Is Marc single? ;-)

Dave, just be glad that your destination is Dallas and you are not changing planes at DFW - the only airport that covers two time zones in each terminal.

We are all anxiously awaiting the Remainders' arrival.

Happy Birthday, Betsi!

Dave - did you trip 'im? *winks*

BTW, is it just me or is the blog in fine form today?
My productivity is so enhanced that breakfast dishes are still dirty and undressed child is watching Sesame Street to keep entertained.
Snorks all around!

Ellasmom - ASK and I are going to be there! CU soon!

PC Policeman: You know, Dave, every single blind black man walking around isn't necessarily Stevie Wonder.

Dave: Yeah, but Ray Charles is dead.

PC Policeman: Oh yeah. Carry on.

Ellasmom, EEEK! I am flying into Dallas next week. Should I bring my back pack/survival gear for the hike form one terminal to another?

Punkin Poo:

I thought Gov. James McGreevey was the official state fruit...Whoops, sorry, that was New Jersey...

Hey! I'm the official state fruit, dammit!

Mikey - a Costco-sized box of Cheez-Its® should work.

Dave I think you should of recruited him to be a remainder.

Addicted to 24, he's blind not deaf!

Mikey - you at least need to pack a meal and a change of underwear.

*snorks* @ C'bol and Sean!

Happy Birthday, Betsi! :)

Happy Birthday, Betsi! In honor of your birthday, I'm not going anywhere.

Steal the Detroit airport? Where do you think THEY got it in the first place?

I'm not saying they stole it, mind you....I'm just saying that there's a really bewildered bunch of airport employees down in Greenville, SC wondering why they're standing in the middle of a field....


Hmmm... ya know what? Dave never said that Stevie Wonder ACTUALLY walked by, just that he's REPORTING that Stevie did.

Of course, Dave IS a Pullet Surprise winning columnist for a highly respected newspaper (when he's not retired), so he is above actually manufacturing news... OTOH, Dave didn't say IANMTU.

*thinking some more...*

I always fly out of Detroit and not once have I ever seen anyone famous...must not be going anywhere glamorous.

Little Steve lives near Detroit.

But despite what was said during the Superbowl Pre-game it's not his hometown, he was born in Saginaw.

Mr. C -- Nope, Stevie did in fact walk by.

Happy Birthday, Betsi-with-an-'i', from Betsy-with-a-'y'-and-several-additional-decades;)

Have joy!!!

Dave - That is so cool!

Again, thank you all, you are very sweet!

Oh, yeah - Happy birthday, Betsi!!

Your birthday wishes alone are helping to fight terrorism.

I, um, saw Richard Marx (80' secretary crooner) at the Target the other day. Really. I had to fight him over the last Charmin Ultra Mega Roll.

Happy B=Day, Betsi with an "i"! :)

'That '70s Show?'

And what's with that 80-foot tall Secretary Crooner. Scary!

Happy B-Day, Betsy!

And since you're turning 48 (Hours) today, you get a comfy seat on the Geezer Bus!

Happy Birthday celebration, Betsi ...

Stealing it wouldn't be fair to the city Detroit stole it from.

Random Thunking--if they have Hare Krishnas in Chicago's airport, wouldn't that make them O'Hare Krishnas? ;-)

O'Hare Krishnas...very funny!

Happy Birthday, Betsi!

*trying to think of appropriate Stevie Wonder song to sing in honor of birthday - need help here fellow bloggers*

Sparrow - How about "Isn't She Lovely"?

Happy Belated Birthday, Betsi. You are two years younger than my son.

Re: Stevie W. -- didn't he promise to cut his hair when apartheid ended?

Dave, you reminded me of an incident I had at the airport. He-man Jack Palance lives near me and he and the missus were in front of me in line at the ticket counter. Their travelling companion was their white French Poodle, complete with little pink ribbons in it's (not zactly sure of the gender) coiffed hair.

Later, while waiting to go through screening I looked out the window and saw Mr. Macho standing out on the lawn, with FiFi on a diamond studded leash, patiently waiting while said mutt, in the words of Cheech & Chong, "pinched a loaf".

My kingdom for a camera and the phone number of the Enquirer.

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