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April 17, 2006



(Thanks to Michael)


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For those with skinny blogs. NTTAWWT

I, too, am "blown away."

oooh, simul with Sarc....

"People who use it are just blown away," said Steve Rhodes

Do what now?

And a simulthought as well. Did we just experience some teledildonics of our own?

Here's why this is a bad Idea

It may take a minute or two to load, but it's worth it.

Sarc - was it gooooooooood for you, too?

Well, not quite as good as it could've been, I had my Probulator plugged in to the wrong port, but still, it could've been much worse.

Really? I hadn't noticed.

I give it til, say, tomorrow before the On-line Career Academy offers its first Certificate Program in the Growing Field of Teledildonics.

What if say, the neighbor's garage door opener in on the same frequency?

shoot, Annie...ain't nothin' wrong with a little frequency:)

"IS" on the same frequency...I was typing and my er, pager went off again so I messed uuuuuup...

Did anyone else but me notice that the word dildo is in the middle of the long scientific word?

And Sarc, I'm still waiting for it to load, whatever IT is...

So its not just me! A section of the web seems to be down. Can't get into CNN or hotmail. Most other things seem to work. Maybe too many people tried to log into this sex article and overheated a server.

OK Big deal, its Barbarella come to reality.

I'm guess I'm still stuck in the dark ages. I confess (you know you did too) to clicking on the link to realdoll.com. That is just...beyond words.

I honestly had no idea such things existed...

this STILL doesn't solve the problem of not having a partner now, though, does it? seriously, does it? i'm not sure i understood the specifics but i gather two persons are still involved albeit remotely so WHAT GOOD IS IT!?!? ahem. don't mind me. move along. nothing to see here.

crossgirl - guys will pay phone-s@x people - who will 'buzz' them for a nominal fee.

I looked everything up - at the library :-) - and it's pretty , um , weird looking.... $139 gets you the basic male version.v I'm not sure what the male gets...NTTAWWT...Whew...I'm outta here...

"They are doing things with monkeys." Marvin Minsky said.


Teledildonics WMAGNFARB


Now just imagine a Beowulf of _these_...

I'm all for it if it would keep the perverts away from kids... But that would be a whole different line of robotics, I suppose.

I agree with crossgirl. I prefer a real-life he-man who has a mind of his own and an aim to please.

The reason this is just wrong, as far as I am concerned, is that it feeds into the me-me-me's. The real deal happens when two people are more concerned about pleasing the other person than themselves. Takes on a life of its own, turns it into love-making instead of just sex. Not that there's anything wrong with just sex, of course, between consenting adults of whatever persuasion.

Them's my sentiments and I'm sticking to 'em. Now I will put my soap box away.

Whoopee! Now we don't need real women anymore!!!

"said Julia Heiman, director of the Kinsey Institute"
Heiman...heh, heh.

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