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April 24, 2006


The Case of the Petrified Badger

(Thanks to Claire Martin)


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Petrified Badger WBAGNFABarry Manilow clone RB.

NEVER badger a badger.

Two in a row!

I'm rockin' today!

We don't need no stinkin' badger

Wow. Badgers. Slow day for police?

Poor little badger beastie! :(

Someone may have come across it in a weakened state, possibly having been hit by a car, or some illegal activity. "

there's some vigilante badger justice!!!

petrified badger clings to rung

Is this a cheeky comment about Rumsfeld, again?

I think the squirrels did it....with a candlestick...in the library.

was the badger half way up?
or half way down the ladder?

We suspect foul play. We also suspect we have way too much time on our hands. We also also suspect Smythe in homicide is gay.

Everybody Sing!

It was petrified and clinging onto the rung.

I don't think they said that quite enough.

And, crimes against badgers?? They have that on the books?


"Back off badgers!"
Supporters of the "back off badgers!" campaign are eagerly awaiting the government's decision on whether, and how, thousands of badgers should be captured and killed

tee..hee...hee I thought that said Petriefied BOOGER and couldn't hit the link fast enough. Imagine my dismay when it turned out to be a badger. Shucks!

I'm concerned about the website www.bonsaikitten.com - what can be done about it?

The RSPCA is aware of this website and is extremely concerned about its contents. However, the production of 'bonsai kittens' is a hoax albeit in very bad taste and to our knowledge no kittens have actually been subjected to this procedure. If anyone were found to have done so then they would be subject to the country's animal welfare laws. Certainly in the UK someone could be prosecuted for causing unnecessary suffering.

bahoola ~

How should badgers be captured and killed? Quickly. And with malice aforethought.

I really don't have anything against badgers. That would be reckless. Anything you have against them, they'll probably bite.

actually, i don't give a rat's behind
about Badgers, but it appears there is
a debate raging in U.K. about the fate of
badgers feared to be carrying T.B. and
transmitting it to cattle..

For centuries, people in the West have marveled at the delicate beauty produced by Oriental artists and sculptors. From gardening to tattooing to dance and martial arts, these craftsmen have enthralled us with complex forms and simplistic perfection. One of the most fascinating of the visual techniques to emerge from this highly cultured region is the Oriental art of miniature sculpture. Who has not been stricken with the expressive grace of Japanese Bonsai? Though once the sole province of Bonsai masters within Japan, Bonsai plants have been available to fortunate consumers throughout the world for some time. With this in mind, we are proud to now offer to you the animal complement of this art form; the Bonsai Kitten.

bahoola - first, learn to link.

second - Bonsai Kittens don't exist, if you were actually serious.

petrified badgers. is that not a good band name?

"Anyone found guilty of crimes against badgers can face a fine"

Oh. (quietly sneaks away from blog)

by the way...djtnoyb? love that link...and this one, too! (i still want it for my cell phone "ring")

and, oak? hahahahaha! (that was funny!)

SlyEyes --

Badger Baiting has been banned for awhile -- Most recently it was included in the Protection of Badgers Act of 1992. According to the Wikki article on the Eurasian Badger. the practice has been banned in one way or another since 1835.

It's sort of like cockfighting, but with less charm.

How can you be petrified and still be alive? (Petrified forest)

Barry Alverez was found hanging by his teeth?

island, it took me to the end of the article to realize the critter was merely scared and not well preserved. to answer you question though, i'm pretty sure with enough alcohol, you could reach a close approximation.

crossgirl: I was similary confused by the term petrified. I was reading and thinking, "Why would they launch an inquiry into a dead badger?" Then I read further. And I still didn't care.

I, too, wondered about the stone(d?) badger, but I recalled that an alternative definition is "so frightened that one cannot think, or move" ... so I figgered it wuz just some UK translation, or metrics, or somethin' ...

and ...

A fine of 1,000 pounds? How much would that weigh in metrics?

BTW, djtony ... I wuz chucklin' even before I clicked your link, 'cuz I KNEW whut it would be ... expecially from a DJ ... (a neat "song" ... HAR!)

You can't have too many badgers.The sorry ones go to Wisconsin and have been petrified or simply stoned for years. They lie around Madison,Wisconsin for seven years and become Juniors.


A tad of ... somethin' ...

Mayhap envy that the Badgers won the NCAA Hockey Championship? (I envy them, a bit ... HOWever, I know that my alma mater ranks higher than U.W. as a party school ... or at least, it did when I wuz there ... )

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