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April 26, 2006



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That poor, poor baby.

So when does this one drop?

And first! (My first first!)

What's this one going to be called? Scarborough?

Coastraven ... about four months after it's born. Ba-dum - pum.

We're here all week. Try the veal.

I warned you they would breed again if something wasn't done to stop them. Now look what they've done.

Nicely done Cheryl... I was hopin someone would take the hook.

Jeez Louise...It seems to me we've been hearing about this freakin' pregnancy since the sperm first set sail in his little yacht with the GPS in search of the egg, clearly marked with a neon sign saying, "Over here, fella!!! Yo!!!"
Hasn't it already been nine months, for pete's sake???

oops she did it again!

Well served, Other CR ... :-)

is it possible this is just a late delivery of twins?

by god britney, there is another one in there,
" come on out little fella, nobody's gonna hurt you"..
voice from womb
"i want to speak to my lawyer...
you heard of a pre-nup?
i want a pre-delivery agreement,
and i'm not coming out until i see the paperwork!"

o.k here's what we came up with...
Ms. spears gets 3 months to demonstrate
mothering skills,
if she doesn't delivery then you get
the nanny, the place in bermuda
and $7500.00, plus living expenses...
it's the best i could do...
form womb again:
"you're fired!...
get me my agent on the phone!...
f-in lawyers!"

from the gossip column:
Ms. Spears begins campaign to drive
undelivered twin from womb by
playing her first hit single
around the clock on her Baby-Bose
digital indide-outside surround sound
courts may step in to stop the abuse...

someone take over for me,
i've got sod to lay,
shrubs to transplant
and holes to dig...
ah the life of a gardener....

Looks like someone is going to need a bigger trailer!

Alas poor K-Fed. Everytime he and Twitney have sex, she winds up pregnant!

Ponder this...
With the track record that F Ked has developed, He will leave twitney just as the little baby is about to be born.

Gawd! Do these people not know the meaning of BIRTH CONTROL??!! Stop spawninnnnnnng!

Oh,l and Yay Renee!

Can't DSS put a lock on that thing? Or at least something sharp and jagged?

Looks like they'll need a DOUBLE-WIDE trailer now!

"Ponder this...
With the track record that F Ked has developed, He will leave twitney just as the little baby is about to be born."
I think that avoids the issue, namely the kid is porbably not even his to begin with, do you honestly think that he would have the knowledge to... well, ummm make a baby?

Apparently, millions of dollars make white trash stupider.

that's two to fall out of their high chairs and sit without car seats, and....why do they allow these people to breed.

Sondra - I agree. These two (and Paris Hilton) just prove you don't have to be poor to be white trash.

You have a very valid point At a keyboard. I didn't even consider that. there are times that I wish having a child required lots of tests and a license.

j of g, me too, i'm sure i wouldn't have passed!

as far as the update, i'm thinking all the publicity about her unshed baby weight motivated her to say, if i look preggers, might as well be pregnant, at least the attention to her midrif may be slightly more favorable this way.

Hey now - stop insulting white trash. Don't make me pull the house over and get a switch!

On the radio this morning they said Britney "cried her eyes out" when the doctor told her the news. First thing I heard when I turned on my car this morning, too...what a way to wake up...

In the immortal words of Chris Rock,

"Put the (rhymes with pick) down!!"



So now Brit is supporting 4 kids? You know K-Feds child support checks come from her checking account...

who would administer the test to have kids? would there be a 'road test' where you're put in a room with a screaming toddler and asked to cope?

So Britney was clickin through the channels, and when ran across a Fox News report that said 16 Brazilian soldiers died in a training excercise she started to tear up just a bit and turned to K-Fed. "Thats like, SO sad Kevvers," she said "I know what a million is, but just how many are there in a Brazilian?"

Quoth the CoastRaven: "I never bore!"

it's actually quite sound project planning to provision a shelf spare for the inevitable day she does kill the first one.


Wow, the psychic is goooooood...

so K-Fed is gonna be walking out any day now? Is that what this is saying?

Why are the stupidest people on the planet the ones that are the most inclined to breed like rabbits?

They aren't smart enuf to figger out what's causin' it ...

key quote..."reported in February that the pop star was rushed to the hospital with early signs of pregnancy..."

am I the only one who didn't know you got rushed to the hospital for signs of pregnancy?

Azred, you miss the meaning of "early signs of pregnancy" with Britney and K-Fed: if you started showing signs of grand delusion and mental instability, you, too, would get rushed to the hospital! You forget--early "signs of pregnancy" for Britney include: thinking K-Fed is remotely attractive, thinking that your white-trash, intelligence-impaired DNA needs to be reproduced, and thinking that you have no talent and thus must do SOMETHING to remain in the news. So...I'd say go ahead and rush her to the hospital, as someone needs to explain to her that K-Fed is so unattractive that he makes Dick Cheney look sexy!


Because they're about as smart as rabbits.

Lightening strikes twice . . .

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