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April 24, 2006



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Spears has been on a hiatus since she gave birth to a baby boy last year.

Dave - now we know what Twitney was doing on her hiatus. What've you been doing on yours?

Key line - "She doesn't have too much." Yeah, that sums it up pretty well.

I am waiting with baited breath to be the first in line not to purchace this upcoming work.

purchase even

"I am waiting with baited breath ..."
Posted by: CoastRaven | 09:28 AM

*shoooie!* THAT'S what that smell is.

*sprays Lysol around blog*

"Britney is pretty much starting out right now. She doesn't have too much. It's coming along but it's at its early stages," Rotem said.

And this is a description of... her IQ? Her "talent"? Her ability to pat her head and rub her tummy at the same time?

"Britney is pretty much starting out right now. She doesn't have too much. It's coming along but it's at its early stages," Rotem said

breathe britney, breathe, push, push...

Maybe she'll team up with Barry Manilow for a Duets album...?

With an agent like Rotem behind her you would think she would have had a sackful of creative ideas balled up inside her.

*discreetly pops an Altoid®*



Spear's new album
"Postpartum Depression"
edgy, raw, dark, lyrical,
features sampled screams from the delivery room

* contagious yawn *

* goin' back to previous blog *

The one and only thing that made this story barable was that the second I clicked on it my Ipod starting playing beck.

"jonathan rotem" = "major ho tenant"

KDF: "talent"? Singular? C'mon, we all know Twitney has exactly two talents, both probably consisting mostly of silicone.

"Britney is pretty much starting out right now"

Way to speak English! You go, dude!

I hope Brit's talent hasn't suffered any for her time off ...

I don't understand why she's not teaming up with Popo Yao.

"Rotem - dang near killed 'em!"

I find it funny that it's a Malaysian website, I guess nobody in the States wants to touch her.



(Must've been the incongruity, plus, of course, the quickness of the uptake ... merely sayin' ...)

Almne-I know plenty of people in the US who want to touch her. It's hearing her that's the problem.

Of COURSE she's back in the studio. Good God! Old "K-Fed" has gone through most of her cash, and she needs to refill the piggy bank. Besides, she needs to buy a 14-K gold helmet for her poor son. "S-Pres" must be greased up with pig fat the way he keeps getting dropped at her house.

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