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April 11, 2006



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That Britney Spears could focus on anything would be a FIRST.

Acting like? a human, a normal person, acting like what?

And not to be outdone... .

*makes popcorn and waits for the emmy awards*

Britney will focus on acting - the camera will still focus just below the shoulders.

Re: Jon's link..."the baby is wrapped in a warm blanket and then left alone for a day or so"...and then you come back and start arranging the funeral? Who leaves a newborn alone for a couple of days?

Oh, and "Snork" at MOTW.

I will focus on caring...

she's already acting. her impersonation of a talented entertainer is acting enough.

Hubbard obviously has never given birth himself or he would know that the trauma of birth is felt largely by the mother. Hasn't he heard of "imprinting?" Won't even bother to ask about whether there is any proof to his brilliant insight. Am not sure who to pity more, Sean Preston or TomCat's baby.

Also, SNORK@artchick...

>>The 24-year-old - who received mixed reviews for her performance in 2002 movie 'Crossroads'

Reviews were mixed, with some critics saying her acting 'sucked' while others thought it 'blew.'

This reviewer was disappointed in the costuming, as Britney wore sweatpants and oversized t-shirts the entire movie. I assure you, that's not what I wanted to see.

...with some critics saying her acting 'sucked' while others thought it 'blew.'


May I say on behalf of my fellow movie goers

They should put her and PH in an action movie together, no stunt doubles, or just send em to Bahrain

So you invite someone on your show and are 'surprised' that they have acting talent (dubious claim at best, but let's let that stand for now)? Shouldn't it be some kind of prerequisite? Or am I just being picky?

It's pretty sad when people find a brainwashed, insipid incubator of Satan's spawn who for some reason looks like she's concealing a watermelon in her shirt sexier than a Twinkie-snarfing sloppy incubator of Satan's spawn.

Here's your real bulletin

Boy, those people at BANG media...

xmnr, I don't think Dave or Judi will be posting that one. You kinda knew that with all the hoopla, gravity would intervene one day and all hell would break loose. Thoughts and prayers to the victim.

Not talk to your baby for a week! WHAT!!! L R Hubbard OBGYN too! What rot!

The baby has heard it's mothers voice since it developed it ears. Poor kid having that nitwit cruise for a dad and that twit for a mom.

I think she shouldn't talk to tiny tom for a week.

Apparently L.Ron wasn't big on the idea of breastfeeding either, and thought it was better to feed the baby a mixture of barley water, corn syrup, and cow's milk.

His son is now sueing the church for keeping him from his inheritance. They claim that L.Ron isn't dead, he's just hiding....

If I were L. Ron, I'd be hiding too. There's probably all kinds of ex-Scientologists who'd like to "repay" him for his generosity

The thing I find hilarious about Scientology is that it was created by a b-grade sci-fi writer on a bet with a friend that, for the purpose of being a tax scam, he could invent a religion and get people to join it.

Then after he succeeded, he acknowledged the origins of the religion publicly, he was excommunicated by the, um, religion.

Just goes to show you how stupid some people are.

That should say "...and as a result, he was excommunicated..."

what is scientology about anyway? cos there isn't anyone in my little country who are scientologists, and the online info seems rather terse.

Scientologists believe that a long time ago there was a race of aliens led by Xenu. Xenu wanted to get rid of the aliens he didn't like (especially the psychologist aliens) so he brought them to Earth and blew them up in a volcano. So the alien spirits are now floating around inside of us and that's what causes the negativity in us. So Scientologists want to get "clear" of all the alien stuff inside them. They do this by paying lots of money. Each level of "clear" costs a fortune. Tom Thumb is at one of the highest levels. This is all true.

What's all this talk about Tom Cruise? Didn't he commit ritual suicide yet? Or just career suicide? But honestly, why talk about him?

*sprays "Alien Spirit B-Gon™" liberally around the blog*

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