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April 24, 2006


Look no farther.

(Thanks to Steve Hooley and Catherine Conner)


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Finally, news you can use!!!!!

Ok, that one works. Where's El?

lawrence welk's wet dream

Silly Air Force pukes. Lefty-loosey, righty-tighty.

The squirrels strike again!

Every bride's dream come true - Drown the in-laws!

WOW. Sure beats my tapioca wedding!

Punkin - Yeah, I've heard that "theme weddings" are all the rage now...

Doesn't this ever happen on 24?

Throw in some petrified badger and you've got a deal!

"with all my worldly suds I thee endow..."

there's no base like foam. (aiee!!! truly bad word play strikes again. help me.)

* do not push the RED button *

* whatever you do, DO NOT PUSH THE RED BUTTON *

* You mean this one ? *

I know it's cliche', but I have to....

*SNORK* at insom!

Okay, now I understand the plastic bra. Sort of.

*snork* at puppytoes!

We did the same kind of test on my carrier. Not suprised the Air Force screwed up, go Navy!

You mean you all have never heard of a "foam party"?

This actually looks like fun. Except for the part where apparently the poor s*ckers running the test drowned in foam.

Darwin award.

♫ Off we run ahead of the wild white yonder,
climbing high into the joists,
here it comes, foaming because we blundered;
quickly boys, get on the hoist!
Down we stare, scratching our heads in wonder,
Screaming one Hell-of-a roar!
We bathed in foam and will be sent home,
(shout) No more to serve the U.S. Air Force! ♪

*SNORK* at puppytoes.

I for one was amazed to learn that Air Force personnell have no privates.

Why is Annie looking for me? Am I getting married again and I don't know it?
Or did I skim and miss something important?


I so have got to renew my vows...

El - you had a couple 'firsts' in a row? I was just expecting you to be there again.

*getting my slip & slide out* Whoo hoo that looks like fun

Mebbe they were testing whether this would wash away all that snow they've had in the last couple of weeks ... ?

Nah. I got nothin' ...

Hey, Mad, is it too late to change our reception plans? ;)

Not at all darling, but you have to come up with the money for this site. Maybe the bloglits would all pitch in if we invite them.

Mebbe you guys (Mad & Mike) could get a discount if you promised to have all the guests take some of the foam with them ... sorta like a "table favors as souvenirs of the happy occasion" type of deal ...

Invite enuf of us, and the place would be cleaned out in no time ...

Of course, there's the mess made by all those people at the reception and dance ... (life gets fairly wild at wedding dances up here in the Northern Great Plains ... merely sayin' ...)

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