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April 17, 2006


This just in on the Buccoo Goat Festival:

Among the goats that are expected to be in the limelight at both Mt Pleasant and Buccoo are Equaliser, Kyls Hero, Sweet Berry, Guinea Pepper, Malta Carib, Uncle Sam and Nuclear Missile.


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with the goats sharing the spotlights with the athletes who will compete in flat races and novelty events for very attractive prizes.

I do NOT want to know what they consider 'attractive' prizes!


and of course the very entertaining Easter Bonnet competition that has become synonymous with Easter.

What a keen grasp of the obvious. This article is too much. Brain locking up.

Daisy, Daisy...

Easter bonnets...on RACING goats? Shouldn't they be wearing helmets instead?

I just finished reading Dave's first novel, Big Trouble, on an oft delayed flight from Des Moines to Columbus. I found it an very enlightening read--I found out:
Dave likes goats, I mean Dave REALLY likes goats.
Dave likes/hates snakes, I mean Dave REALLY has some strong feelings about snakes.
Dave discovered thigh-shooting before Jack Bauer was even born.
Dave has a very special gift for writing flowing descriptives of goats galavanting freely on Le Jeune Ave, near the airport, with flowers in their hair and wearing thongs. NTTAWWT, just sayin'.

And after finishing Big Trouble I bought a copy of The DaVinci Code. Let's just say that Dan Brown couldn't write a booger joke if his life depended on it.

fivver, are you just sitting in front of your computer pushing "refresh" every 5 seconds, so you can continue to be FIRST.

And are you so bored with it that you can't even be bothered to say it this time? :-)

The two crab races, one for foreigners and one for locals will add to the entertainment.

So is it crabs or goats?? Do the goats dress like crabs? Or eat crabs? How would the goats hold those little hammers you use to smash open the shell? And where do they get the foreign goats--do they import them from Nepal or something? I dunno about the rest of you, but this article is just too darn confusing.

it looks like there's more going on in Tobago
than just racing goats and easter bonnets...
and just what the hell is a "bumboat?"

"Bumboat races on Easter Sunday
Friday, April 9th 2004
However, while goats will be the feature attraction at two of the events, bumboats will be the main attraction at the RSSCO.

Three races are carded on the programme that is schedule for Roxborough on Easter Sunday. There will also be a 5k road race and a 3k walking race from 6 p.m and later in the day there will be sprints and novelty events complemented by DJ music to entertain the crowd"

google search results for "bumboat"
'em 'tis 'twas - 10th 1st 2nd 3rd 4th 5th 6th 7th 8th 9th A&M A&P ...... Titan Tito Tito's Titus Tobago Toby Toby's Todd Togo Tokyo Toland Toledo ... bumbo bumboat bumboatman bumboats bumboatwoman bumclock bumcombe bumelia ...
www.theargon.com/achilles/wordlists/misc-dictionary.txt - 513k -

Sounds like yet another event involving animal cruelty to me. They won't get MY GOAT over there, that's for sure. Nope, not mine.

Also -- the two crab races, one for foreigners and one for locals -- what an absurd concept. I don't understand why foreigners' crabs would be any faster than those belonging to the locals. I heard that when one species wins over the other, it's just by a hair trigger anyway..

Why, oh why in this day and age do we still see rampant (not rampart) crab segregation....
come on people!

('tho the thought of rampart races makes my head swim a little)

first it's the piglets, now it's the goats and crabs. i'm assuming the losers of all these events wind up as dinner.

This story reminded me of the old "Booger Dance" story. I tried to to copy the link to it, but the blog robots called me a robot and wouldn't let me do it. Here's the key quote:

"Each is called by name and performs his own solo dance. There are Cow’s Tail, Sooty Anus, Black Buttocks, Sweet Phallus, Penis, Rusty Anus, and Big Testicles. Most of the dances represent the boogers’ names in some way. It’s mostly just chaotic motion and groping. The clumsy display brings to mind a white man imitating an Indian dance. The dancers cough, growl, and frequently expel flatus."

I thought Cow's Tail, Sooty Anus, Black Buttocks, etc. wbagnfa goat as well.

(Just google "booger dance", you'll find it)

Equaliser, Kyls Hero, Sweet Berry, Guinea Pepper, Malta Carib, Uncle Sam and Nuclear Missile.
wbgnf drinks.

So what? This is a typical sunset celebration in Key West.

It’s mostly just chaotic motion and groping.

mud, it sounds like you just described the blog!

this "goat racing" idea has some bits of memory flotsam and/or jetsam bouncing around in my head ... (since there's not much for brains in there, it leaves a lot of room for ricochets and such, merely sayin' ...)

Seems as if I recall that the game of Polo developed from the game of PULU, played in Persia ... teams of horsement race to grab a goat that has been buried in the sand, and carry the goat across a goal or finish line ...

It gets pretty bloody for the participants -- not to mention, for the goat, which is often in several pieces before the game is over -- with broken bones and serious lacerations or contusions being simply "part of the game" ...

Does this sound ... correct? Or am I thinkin' of some other sport ... with a pig's head?

NO! That was Lord of the Flies ...

Whut ever ... if this resembles lore, legend or truth, I think I learnt it from Dan Jenkins ... a Good Ol' Texas Boy who ran away to New Yawk City ...

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