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April 11, 2006


Get productive with The Blog.

UPDATE: For those who couldn't attend, but would still like to waste some time enhance their productivity.


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Blocked. Must be berry,berry bad.

"Web Chat" filtered for me too :-(

It says bunches of people are on, but no one's sayin' nothin'

it isn't starting til 4 EST. 2 more minutes.

Ah. Ne'er mind.

i hope you're not suggesting i work. ahem.

Wow, that one is a lot of trouble to get in. :-|

Judi - You sure about the time? Birmingham is CDT.

yes, it's almost over.

that was exhausting.

But fun

*staggers in, mops brow, collapses in a heap*

Good Lord, that was like speed-blogging!

Whew, I think I need a cigarette, wink wink

Thanks Dave and Judi!

That was a fast hour.

I just want to say, "Oh, SNAP!" For no reason.

Can we beg Goddess Judi for a discussion room for 24 nights?

the robot doesn't like the c*h*a*t word

well, i'd love to, but the problem is, i don't know that we can do it
i on
the blog site, and the herald might not take kindly to suggesting an alternative site for ch @ tting, you know? i'll see if there's any way they can put a ch @ t room on here though.

Came late to the party, but it was fun to read anyway. All bloglits performed well and I learned many things. Two SNAPS up!

best running joke: "judi & earl" : D

Everyone could just get AIM and make a c h a t room there. It wouldn't be pretty, or very good, and everyone probably wouldn't be able to get AIM, but it would be free, and isn't that what really matters?

Gee, thanks for posting the transcript on the update, Judi. I just wasted about $150 of billable time reading it..."oh, SNAP!"

great ch@tting with ya, Dave! Let's do it again sometime. like right after tooth surgery.

Because I was at work--okay, because I was at work and my boss was watching me--I was unable to partake in the online discussion. I will therefore now ask a question that has really, really, really, REALLY puzzled me for quite some time:


I'm just curious.

*bows to the blog goddess Judi and begs forgiveness"

Yikes...after my 6:14 post I started to shut down computer, and about 800 copies of the "Dave Barry's Blog" screen began to cascade on my screen; they just kept on coming and coming. It took me 10 minutes to "X" them all out. Judi, I had no idea you guys had that kind of power...are you actually operating out of CTU???

Promise, I'll never do it (whatever it was) again...now can you please release me?

Here are some interesting stats about the event.

Most "ch@tty" awards:

puppytoes tied with the Moderator with 20 entries.
dread had 24, Steve had 27, Sarcasticynic 28, Sarah J 29, Bismuth came in with 33.
Our fave snake person judi had 49, Sam G had 66, and Higgy 70.
"Our Man Dave" had 97.
But the winner of the most "ch@tty?" Who else? James T with one hundred and ten entries.

*pouts in*

Both on the main link AND the update, all I got was a thing to register. Should I be taking this personally?

Hey El, ya wanna get personal together? ;)

I couldn't get to it either. :(

*returns from reading ch@t*

Did everyone drink RedBull before posting? That was quite aerobic.

anytime s'girl, just name the time and place and I'll be there. :)

and thanks to Sarcasticynic for the URL. I just went and read everything. It seems that a good time was had by all.

by "register" it meant put in a *zip* code, year of birth and gender

After that just put in a screen name ( I put Sarah J :) and it was ready to go!

(It accidentally posted half way through)

A few other facts. There were about 77 visitors, 56 of which posted:

Alabama fan, algal, Allen at Division, ambersaurus_27, ArcticAl, Betis,
Bismuth, Bob, ChrisRob, chuck, chvgt, Dave, Dave Fan!, DaveFan45,
djtonyb, dread, dulcythefrog, FemDispatcher, fivver, Foster, FRED,
Funnyman, Higgy, hsvjimbo, imnotme, James T., judi, KDF, Lou Bricant,
Maggie, Moderator, nkg, Olo, patchy the squirrel, puppytoes, random,
Ray, rockbottom, S_P_J_G, Sam G., Sarah J, Sarcasticynic, ScottMGS,
scottscs71, SealMan, SomeOtherGuy, spencer, Steve, SteveB, Sthnbelle,
Tidemom, tod678, ttm, UbieSkriemen, WhooHoo, and zodd.

That was fun!
Now that the ch@t's over, I remembered all of this stuff that I wanted to talk about like left handed woes and dogs.

I think it'd be great to have another ch@t, as soon as Dave recovers from this one.

I said the most but had the least to say.

No one responded most of the time either. :)

these are the times i wished i lived in the US, but i didn't want to give up on the $$$ being distributed to us by our government. (It makes a nice change from taxes.) However, it also means i gotta fork out 2 grand if i ever want to meet dave to get him to sign a book.

Oh no! You Di'nt!

Oh Snap!


sarcasticynic, will you please remove that from your web site?

judi, sorry, it was certainly not my intention to offend. I will remove it immediately.

it's just that it was done for al.com; they deserve the traffic, and the advertisement for the event on saturday.... if you take it and repost it elsewhere, it's like ... well, i don't know. what's it like? :) anyway, thanks.

Sorry I missed the main event. I was on a plane back to Ft. Lauderdale.

The bloglits did us proud. It was a hoot, like the blog on speed. However I didn't recognize quite a few of the handles...did you guys change your names?

Some of us only come here when our conference calls get cancelled during the werk *twitch* day....

We are new and one of the only forums that will directly discuss the issue with being bored at work.

I try not to get bored at work. I play some flash games on random sites like http://www.boreddaily.com. But I've had to learn to close the window quickly! LOL!

i find www.travian.co.uk is great for at work because it requires regular attention, but you cant play for hours at once... it plays best if u just check in every hour or so.

www.lost.eu/62955 is quite interesting too.

I found this site not too long ago and it's pretty good for boring times.


hi=ow do achually get into this thing?

Bored... then this site is fititng for you... http://www.whatpoll.com/what-to-do-when-bored
enjoy :)

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