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April 17, 2006



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worst pic EVER

i'm ready... for what?

Linkee no workee

Linkee has exceeded it's bandwidth allotment.

apparently i'm just too freaking slow to do anything today. (the site is now jammed--can't see anything) sigh.

Since the official link doesn't work, let's use the emergency backup link! (copy and paste, I haven't figured out how to put a link in here yet)


One person actually gets through and the site exceeds its limit. Ge*cities and Dracula have a lot in common....

come on, people - 'be ready' always means that Kiefer is wearing um, reinforcements. What exactly that is, is Victoria's Secret.

Knowing that I am restricted from seeing Keifer makes me want to see him more! 'Twas better before I saw there was a link....

No I can't stop clicking on it....

Mike's emergency link

And also more Kiefer!

With apologies if this screws up. I'm preview averse.

I think I killed it....
Sorry everybody! But just so you know it was a a pic of Kiefer from his early days (read, orangeish mullet) not the usual wannabe-kanisters pic.

wait, now the link has been changed....

It's trying to go to that site where everyone is in glasses! But still doesn't work...

Figures, this time Dave allows for comments on a Kiefer pic, and this pic looks, well, almost normal.

Except for what looks like a shovel handle. Is Kiefer about to bury something? If so, let's see if we can guess what it is.

I'll start: I say it's incriminating photo evidence of a liason between Jack and the First Lady's ramparts. Either that, or he's unearthed some more Killer Kanisters because the Random Plot Generator is on the fritz (NOOOOOOOOOO! Anything but that!!!)

Why is there a link going to a picture of Meg Ryan?

God. Bless. KOW.

thank you

I just like the error message. "FORBIDDEN! YOU DO NOT HAVE PERMISSION TO ACCESS!" It makes me feel so ... naughty ...

Tonight on the blog, Forbidden Kiefer ...

From the article with pic # 2:

"One minute he's being born in England,...the next he's living in Los Angeles. He's three."

OK...so he lived his first three years in one minute. Thus his distorted sense of time: he's just compensating now for being rushed through infancy.

Cheryl, you've been a very naughty girl.

Now go to my room.

mmmmmm... Forbidden Kiefer...

*zips in*

You guys are crazy! It's a really hot pic of Kiefer with his shirt unbuttoned and his blond hair short!

The pic works now El. When it was first posted the link gave a "this user has exceeded their download limit" message.

I've been Forbidden!? Where's Chloe - she'll get me into that link!

I couldn't see a pic.

Anybody know what's happening with Prison Break? I thought the guys brother had been executed.

Attention Dave 24 Blog Fans!

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Thank you KOW!!! That article was so awesome - Kiefer is so...so...so...hot - admitting to his faults only makes him hotter. I'm so sick....

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