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April 24, 2006


You better watch out.


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Didn't the blog once describe a "prank" as "something that you thought was truly hilarious as a teen but now that you own property makes you wish you had a high-voltage fence?"

Oh, and probably not first.

Wrong again...nuts.

Ummmm - he "forced them to lie on the ground and then marched them to his driveway at BB-gunpoint"... it doesnt say anything about them getting up - did they slither over to his property?

Man, I am so glad to call Colorado Springs home. I have nutcases like this for neighbors. It's great entertainment. Now, whose house should I hit tonight?? :p

I can understand the actions of the BB-and-baseball-bat brandishing bandino. I wish the article had gotten a quote from this parent: "even after one of their parents showed up, according to Colorado Springs police." because so many times, parents deny that THEIR kids are anything but ANGELS.

teenage girls out toilet papering trees...
there's a deeper problem here,
and i think we all know what it is,
and it's time, as a nation, to come
together and confront it...

these unfortunate young girls,
like so many other modern youth,
were never instructed in good
old-fashioned vandalism techniques...
where have the classics gone?
* smashing mailboxes
* driving over bags of garbage
* the burning bag of dog crap

kids these days are so tame,
they were probably using
90% post-consumer recycled paper...

I'm all for going green, but 90% post-consumer recycled toilet paper? Bahoola, that's just wrong.

I don't blame him a bit. Nutcase ? Try scrapping dried eggs off your house time after time by a bunch of spoiled, over indulged brats whose parents don't have a clue on subjects like discipline.

parent to over-indulged brat:
"don't you know there are people
in some countrys that have to wipe with
their hands!"
and another thing
"eggs cost good money, when we were kids we
didn't have eggs, we had to throw rocks!!!"

Let's guess whose house is now on the hit list for eternity.

In the immortal words of George Bush...

" bring em' on !! "

At least he didn't do this. Sorry to bum everyone out, I'm just saying it could be worse.


I think I would have stayed out of sight and just plinked them in the ass with the BB gun.

Civil unrest in Colorado Springs: Teen girls brandisihing TP confronted by BBgun wielding householder. I wonder what would happen if they ever had a REAL problem?

Ok so this guy is 49 going on 90 any day now he will complain about the skateboarders mark my words.

I'm on the BB guy's side - egg will ruin a paint job. Although I also think he should have just started taking shots at them (without hurting them) and let them run away scared s***less! You get in more trouble trying to do the right thing these days!

Geeze, the guy tries to wipe away a crappy crime little crime spree and in the end gets a permanent stain on his paper trail from this brief try at vigilante duty.

mudstuffin - I would have paid cold hard cash to see you do that. Aww, heck, what am I saying? I would have been the one selling tickets!

Bahoola--the bags of dog crap have disappeared because all the dog crap is needed to fill the skull cavities of our current Administration. BILL! WE'LL GET YOU HOT AND COLD RUNNING BIMBOS! WE'LL PUT A MICKEY D'S IN THE WHITE HOUSE! JUST PLEASE COME BACK AND SAVE US!!!

Police say Martin went too far.

Ya think????

Sorry folks, I'm with Betsy here, and I've had my house TP'd but IMO he was waaaaaaaaaay over the line. A baseball bat AND a BB gun!!!!! So if he missed with the shots he could club them to death?

*wonders if posse wants to come with her to TP this guy's house tonight*

*puts out
sign-up sheet*

And you're an attorney, Eleanor?

El...sign me up! But if we use Charmin, we have to be sure to pry Mr. Whipple off the ammo, or he could get hurt.

Former criminal defense atty, KathyP.

But I'm with the girls on this one. Of course it was a stupid thing to do and egg is hard to remove, but he didn't KNOW they were the ones who had done all the others - he was just guessing, and even if, baseball bats and guns are not the proper response.
Call the cops, take names, but leave the weapons in the house.

Yes Betsy, Mr. Whipple will have to stay in the grocery store squeezing the Charmin we will not be using. :)

".. reported past vandalism to police but was told they have higher priorities than a toilet-papering crackdown in his neighborhood."

Citizen's arrest isn't legal in Colorado?

The girls weren't breaking the law?

Do you have to be in a place of business to have the right to detain a criminal?

How can you make a citizen's arrest, except by "insisting" that the culprits remain on the scene?

His house has been hit ten times recently? My house just got egged once and I had some nasty property damage. Don't write off the girls - they can pack weapons just like the boys. The cops were too busy? I can certainly relate to his frustration. And usually the kids' parents are in denial, so you practically need to have a video and fingerprints - then somebody else's kid put them up to it. This is a tough one for me - he was trying to stop a crime spree, he didn't know the law well enough, and he wasn't getting help from the cops. I think this will be tossed out with a reprimand. Then he needs to go buy a video camera with night vision to monitor his house for the revenge the kids will now take tenfold.

Annie, I know where you're coming from but it wasn't his house, and forcing them to lie on the ground was just to humiliate them and of course I'm not saying this stuff because they're girls.

IMO, he crossed a line.

Absolutely he crossed a line... so did the girls (trespassing & vandalism)...and the cops (slacking off).
He shouldn't have moved them. He probably had them lie down so they couldn't run away. Since when do you not stop a crime-in-progress just because it's not your house? It's the WAY he stopped it that got him in trouble.

No offense to anyone...but...I'm on the homeowner's side. In my city you don't confront ANYONE without protection. They were breaking the law plain and simple. And momy and daddy will probably coddle them some more...sheesh..

You can bet if kids tp'd a police officer's house the police officer would take action. I guess in Colorado Springs protection is afforded to those whom the police decide they like, (in this case, the vandals).

El - I love arguing these things with you. Usually I'm reduced to having a battle of wits with an unarmed man.

Sounds to me like its time to take the shotgun into the backyard for some target practice... not at the girls of course but it sure would scare the pants off them, and then what are they going to do, call the cops? "Ummm, well you see my friends and I we TP'ing this guys house and... uh..."

Citizens arrayst !!! Citizens arrayst!!!

A w-b-h: I'm armed with more than a bat and bb gun anytime you want to play, but I won't argue with you on this one - stopping the crime, and even the silly choice of weapons are not the issue; the real issue legally just seems to be that he moved them to his property, which was a stupid thing to do.

Hey - If you can't do the time, don't commit the crime. Picking a couple bbs out of their butts isn't going to cause any lasting damage. Plus, then both sides are cheerful - they got to tp the house and the homeowner got to shoot non lethally at them. Dick Cheney would sponsor this bill.

Police officer: Sir, what is that weapon with which you threatened and apprehended the perpetrators?

Citizen: It's a BB gun.

PO: Don't you know you could shoot your eye out with that?

A crime? lets get jack bauer on the problem, he will get the truth out of those meddling girls, and find out who is really behind this TP menace spreading throughout the quiet streets of my city, colorado springs.

Respect my authoritie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fitzgon, take me away...

He should have strung a rope with a slipknot through all of their thongs and given it a yank. Then he should have tied the rope with 'em all bunched up to a tree. Like, he should have.

A pellet gun would get the message through to them.
Just start plinking.

Works on pigeons why not kids!!

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