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April 10, 2006


You're going to be busy.

(Thanks to Ted Hbt-Gbr)

UPDATE: Here's a nonregistration link.

URGENT UPDATE from judi: THIS POST IS ABOUT "24"!! Please stop sending in this article! REALLY. Thank you.


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Jack will be on for three more days - after which we will all die from exhaustion.

I was the second person to post.

Jck Bauer was on the Today Show this morning. He's in a new movie, as...a secret agent!! And he gets to shoot Michael Douglas! That alone is worth the price of admission.

can Dr. 'Bahlaqeem' remove thigh bullets by psychokinesis? watch day 6 for details!

Lessee...an 8-figure deal for three more days of work...

I must need more coffee...I had to read all of the posts to 'get' that CR's "Three more days!" was three more seasons.

"Some days ya feel like a nut, some days ya don't!"


Three more seasons? There goes the suspense of wondering if he would survive to the end of this one...

The Sentinel opens on my bday. Happy birthday to me!

Scene: CTU Interrogation Room

Audrey: This is delicious!

"Colonel": Why, thank you kindly young lady.

Jack: I want to know what's in those 11 herbs and spices and I wanna know NOW!

"Colonel": I can't tell you that. It's a secret!

Jack: [grabbing the colonel by his string tie] Unless you tell me what's in that recipe, AND the extra crispy, half of all the people eating your chicken in the Greater Los Angeles area will be exposed to bird flu. TELL ME NOW. Or I'll shoot! [points gun at thigh]

Audrey: Not the thigh! I was gonna eat that one next! [sobs] First my husband, now my lunch!

Chloe: [enters cautiously] Uh, did somebody order a Boston Market chicken dinner for 4? The guy's here and he wants a tip.

"Colonel": You bastard!

for me the suspense is wondering if I am going to make it through the end of the season!!

And three more???? I might have to do some thigh stabbing my own self......


Three more seasons and days! My pusher has brought my fix for the next three years.

He's single???

Three more days? Then he gets a weekend off?

Wow, I bet that set is a barrel of monkeys. Nobody else has a contract for 3 months let alone 3 years.

Thank you Ted Haaabaaateee Gaaaberrr


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