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April 10, 2006


Next time you take a break from searching the internet for rampart-related "news" items, please forward this instructional link to your stylist.

(Thanks to Amanda Wolfe)


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Billy Ray Cyrus would be proud.

I think anyone who still wears a mullet should be hit upside the head with a mallet.

Who's TED ?

Finally, Ted can have a difinitive answer! Ted, If you comb the back of your hair straight up, and it is the same length as the front of your hair, also combed straight up, (or even close) YOU HAVE A MULLETT.

Please send pictures of your resutls to The Blog.

the mullet has been defined as "shorter hair in front and on top and longer hair in back, particularly at the nape area." According to this definition you DO have a mullet! This site also says that "the mullet hairstyle is not a bad hairstyle," which leads me to wonder what they're smoking.

I am starting to be afraid of the "Ted" links almost as much as the "Barry" links.

Texas: Ted is Dave's campaign manager. So far they're unsuccessful, but Dave will be running for president again in 2008 with Ted's help (unless this blog completely alienates him).

Ted sports a mullet and in severe denial about said fact. He has argued with the blog and the commenters about this for quite some time. insisting that his hair style is not a mullet. Picking on him with regards to this topic is kind of a past time here. We also like to pick on his moniker's lack of vowels (last name is Habte-Gabr I believe).

We just like picking on him in general to be honest. He's a good sport about it. Either that or he's tracking us all down by IP to voice his displeasure in person.

I don't mean to throw everyone off balance, but, (and I can't really disclose how I know this) in Manassas and Dumfries, VA, Ted, technically, does not have a mullet. It's on the verge of a mullet, yes. But those top curls have definitely got to go...

too bad for ted, then, that he lives in california.

possibly on a campaign swing through VA we could fix him right up...

In the interest of fair and balanced reporting, it should be noted that Ted has Mrs. WriterDude and Craig Kilborn in his "not a mullet" corner.

For myself, as a fair and balanced reporter, I remain neutral.

I've heard the mullet described as all business in the front and a party in the back. Baltimore has more than its fair share of mullet wearing men and *shudder* women.

Did you ever get any resolution from the school/principal/teacher on the fiasco they were calling a grammar quiz?

Here's hoping you found vindication.....

They seem to be missing something:
You Will Need:

Four Butterfly Clips
Styling Comb
Haircutting Scissors

They forgot about the six-pack of PBR!

BTW, the PBR is for the stylist — not the stylee

Well, that is definitive then, Ted you have a mullet. On the plus side,apparently the website writer thinks that's okay. You're taking your chances with us though.

And Michael Jackson should not be held up as an example of a non redneck mullet wearing person. He's technically white now. And incidentally, Barry Manilow seems to sport a mullet these days....

Where I'm at in Utah more women than men have mullets. It's uber-icky

While we're talking mullets... does Phil Mickelson's new 'do qualify as a mullet? Should we now call him "Lefty McFatty McMullet"?


Disappointed Tiger Fan

Sthrnbelle: Not yet. Waiting a few more weeks for the school year to end, to prevent my kid(s) having to suffer any reprisals. Thanks for remembering, and I promise to keep y'all posted.

Brad- I don't know what that is, but it's gross!



WD...You're doing the prudent thing by holding off the pitched battle til the school-year is over. But do please keep us posted. I told my daughter-the-(GOOD)-teacher about this, and we're both waiting to hear what kind of (ha!) resolution is reached.

Go WriterDude. Also still with ya'.

I'm having to agree with the Non-Mulleteers. I think Ted's approaching white-boy 'fro, but not actually Mullet. Sorry y'all. I did however see a mulleted woman of the male persuasion at the SLC airport. And I agree with Sarah J-A - it's just wrong.

Whatever aMullet is it can't be worse that Dave's hairstyle.

Ok so maybe a Nazerite shouldn't talk about hairstyles but still.

a Nazarite!? for reals?
(they lost me at rule #1)

*sneaks up behind ted.. yells "mullet!"*

Disappointed Tiger Fan - you are on the right track. In my part of VA, Phil Mickelson's new 'do does qualify as more of a mullet than Ted's (and Tiger looks none to happy in that picture, but I digress)...mUFFLES also has a clearer picture of what is going on.

none too happy - sorry for the gramatical error

Phil Mickelson's do qualifies as a don't -- he needs a haircut.

It's good to have the mystery of ted's name cleared up (I've been wondering what kind of person has a namae like habbit grabber...now I know).

Ted doesn't look like he has a do. He looks like a curly version of Mickelson. They both need a haircut. Whoever said that men should experiment with hairstyles? or let their hair grow long.

Guys, you miss the point. You want manly this and highpowered that -- more horsepower, more gigahertz, wider bandwidth...stick with short hair styles, even if you're losing your hair. It's way sexier.

Lose the ponytails, curls, flips, shags (I actually think that some of what you call mullets look like Jane Fonda's shag from the 70s).

Daisymae: Yep, them 'er shags. Women did not have mullets until manly women decided to adopt the red-neck trucker look, usually complete with wallets on chains and butt-crack jeans. Mrs Brady had a SHAG, and (sob) so did I.... back in the day the shag was so popular I had a WIG styled in a shag to assure that even in an emergency. I would never have to appear shag-less. We now realize this hairstyle was part of the famous dry English wit; they delicately snorked at us silly American "birds" as we snapped up every British fad we could find. No actual English person ever actually wore any of the styles we embraced as authentic English "fashion" because there actually is no such thing.

Brad, you're right about Phil's hair style, except he's got the worst kind--a comb-back mullet to hide the growing bald spot on the back of his head!

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