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April 10, 2006


Be glad you weren't born in Belgium, where you'd be forced to drink "lite" beer.

(Thanks to Artchick)


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first :)

Well, ya!?? What would expect an ale therapist to say?

at least it's not Miller Lite

they used to serve beer at school? Damn.

and, i'm here all alone with two Betsies

hey girls


Does Dave know there are genital herpes ads on his blog???

hi TCK

Same questions here regarding herpes ad. From what I have heard, an adult with genital herpes is no joking matter.

People keep posting about GH ads, but they never show up for me:) *gloats*

hmm what are you trying to say Sarah??

Wouldn't making them drink lite beer be cruel and unusual punishment?

And we never had beer at school - my schools never did any of the fun stuff.

I lived in Belgium for three years in the 90's. It was not uncommon to see kids in bars with their parents having the occasional sip of Dad or Mum's beer. The French start their kids on wine cut with water at an early age and the French army gets wine with its field rations in little milk cartons. Germans call beer "liquid bread" and the construction workers all stop mid morning for a beer break. Yet you very rarely see anyone drunk in public, something I see just about every time I go in a bar over here.
Maybe we're the ones with the wrong attitude.

*waves to Al*

Hi, Al!

You make an interesting point, but I really wouldn't appreciate my kids having beer given to them at school.

Just sayin'. :)

After all my years of therapy, now I find out my father was right all the time by serving me beer and Frosted Flakes for breakfast.

And to think that I had to sneak beer into my school. The Belgian kids sneak beer OUT of their school.

genital herpes ads.- "at least it's not Ebola!"

can we get a confirmation on this story? It's not that I'm naturally mistrustful of a story from Ananova routed through Zambia about Belgium, but it's ... Louvain instead of 'Louvian'... and 'An Frankie'? did she write a diaryie?

HA - my family was WAY ahead of their time. When I was younger I could ALWAYS get a sip of dads (or granddads) PBR or Nattie Boh ponies. Thats pro'lly why I didn't drink beer until I was an adult!

confirmation!? we don't need no stinkin' confirmation! it's on the innernet! therefore it's true!

I think I missed my career calling. I'm going to go back to school and get my ale therapist degree.

"And how does that make you feel, Mr. Guiness?"
"Rich and full-bodied, Doctor."

Of course, then I couldn't fraternize with my patients.

Just what we need, schoolyard fights at recess over "Tastes Great" versus "Less Filling".

Beer Therapists? There's actually a job for that?

Yes, Judi, and not just any internet site, it's source is the redoubtable Ananova.com, so it's gotta be true!

Another headline today on Ananova: Jail for Death Crash Mother.

Death Crash Mother would be, of course...


I already went to college for six because of beer. Christ I could still be in grade school? Cool. What? You want a mortgage payment!? Christ, I'm in the third grade!

Beer. In a class by itself.

What a great job - Ale Therapist.

And jamester, Ale Therapist could be the lead singer of the Death Crash Mothers.

Have to get back to you about, Jeff. I'm currently seeing a Pacifico with separation issues...

"ale - it's good for what ails you"

motto of the ale therapist association.

Yay! A story I sent in got posted! Now I won't need to rest on my laurels for sending in the "man-boobs" website. ('cause laurels are kinda prickly)

the U of G has a beer class. these guys could provide the show and tell.
pft. they're obviously amatuers. here's a beer in a class all its own!

oops... and WTG artchick!!

Lite beer is better then NO beer.

"Beer - it's for what ales ya."

(and yes, I'm in marketing...)

Insom - soooo sorry to step on your line - I read thru the comments and didn't even see yours. Dang this Harp Lager! It's supposed to enhance my creativity, not my stupididity! But you know what they say, great minds stink a lot...no, great minds think like...ooh, you know what they say.

(sidenote for beer poll - never an issue at my house if I wanted a sip as a kid. And I was never tempted to overindulge once I was able to. The kooks at college who drank 'til they puked made no sense to me. I mean, iiiiick.)

"Rice Crispies and beer.
Snap Crackle and Burp."

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