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April 26, 2006


Your turn for the earplug run.


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Dave's a diva??!! Who woulda guessed that!
Hmmm...Miss Tan gets one semi-nude pic posted on the internet, and whammo - 2 newspaper interviews....where's my camera?

In the 2nd article, the writer's name translates to "Cow Dick."

oh, and FIST! I mean FIRST (sorry, I was still in S&M mode after reading Tan's interviews).

Apparently everyone but me is on their way to the concert already.

Hat trick!
Horse walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?"

Thank you, thankyouverymuch. I'll be here all week....alone.

"Feelings....nothing more than feelings...."

John Kerry walks into a bar. The bartender says, "Why the long face?"

AFKAT walks into a bar. The bartender says, "What the hell took you so long to get to this thread?"

AFKAT, wait! Where are you going? Please come back...I didn't mean it!
*far from Denver, gently sobbing ...*

next I'll be Snorkless in Seattle.

Annie is Only-One-Here ...

*SNORK* @ Amy Tan!

*blows a kiss to Annie* "Honey, I'm home..."

What is a "frat rock hit from the sixties"?

Figuring fraternities were not cool enough to be into Cream, the Doors, Hendrix, and other psychedelic, hippyish music...what's "frat rock" mean, in that era?

There is an old picture of a people travelling by sleigh through deep woods -- pursued by wolves. Every now and then they grab one of their members and toss him to the wolves. That's conscription.
-- Robert A. Heinlein

KAZ - they meant Fraggle Rock.

Does a bloggette get extra frowny points for having ex-friends who live in the Denver area and are probably attending the concert but won't write to tell her about it?

... feelings, nothing more than feelings, woe woe woe, feelings...

Okay enough, anyone have a good productivity enhancer?

"And that's all I need!"

I'm listening to the dulcet tones of a 4 yr old screaming from the tub "I need more bubbles!!"

I am SO not in Denver right now....


I would have been here, not that I'm as witty as you are Annie, but I could have been the straight gal to your comedy...

...but there were bananas foster at dinner. I HAD to go.

Jemmy - thanks for the thought. Bananas Foster - sounds familiar. Is he from New Jersey?

Punkin - I'm listening to the dulling tones of my manager screaming "I need more baubles!" But you still win.

*tosses extra frowny points up to Jacki*


Since you're feeling a little blue (gee, same colour as Dave's shirt), try this productivity enhancer

Why do I have to live in Denver, PA?
*Goes to ask parents if we can move*

Annie, I'm not sure where Bananas Foster is from. When I got to dinner, the cooks were lighting him on fire and we all cheered. There was no time to ask.

We're a sadistic bunch at UNC.

AnnieWBH: you're just plain funny, though Cow Dick just doesn't pass muster [especially around cows. strap-on?]. Baca could just as easily be a double-feiminization of boca, mouth. Now that's a funny name!

Annie and Jemmy - Bananas Foster was killed in Hoboken during a rubout in 1998. The actual target, who escaped unharmed, was Foster's capo, Joey (Cherries) Jubilee. He remains at large, and is considered to be armed and delicious.

Annie and Meanie made me have to go blow my nose.

CJrun is fibbing - that is snot true.

As usual, all roads lead to BOOGER!

Thanks Meanie - I heard Cherries Jubilee was spotted in Vegas with a showgirl named Red ("Di") Maraschino. Red's former boyfriend, a martial arts specialist named Lo Phat, was supposedly iced by Cherries' associate, Lou ("Fudgie")Fondue.

Red has a child (paternity uncertain), known as Andrew "Cool" Whip.

You're all missing then POINT!!! The mayor's name is JOHN HICKENLOOPER!!!

That anagrams to John CHEEK RIP LOON!!!!

You're losing your edge, people.

I, John, OK leech porn.

Denverites will get the chance to experience the cover band's>>>> mediocrity firsthand...

WELL! They can critize the President, they can criticize the Senate, they can criticize the House, they can criticize your mother-in-law, but they go too far when the THE BAND mediocre!

They have probably NEVER sung between the keys! Or loudly! Have they ever dressed in drag? NOOO! What do they know?!

By the way, mediocrity firsthand WBAGNFARB.


Oh, that's right...Amy writes fiction for a living...

Actually, Cherries was part of a shootout just last night. It seems that an ex-hippie named Dickie "Baked" Alaska and his cohort Pud Ding were trying for a hostile takeover of Cherries' territory.

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