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April 21, 2006


Be very careful.


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Daaad! - Monty Python is on the television!

A "Children's Python...from Northern Oz" ? Sounds like another children's book for Dave.

What makes a 10-inch Python "stroppy"?

On second thought, nevermind.

"Disappointingly for those of us who like proper background detail with our snake emergency stories, the Scotsman fails to note the make and model of the television in question."
Dang I knew I should have gotten that license plate number... erm.

You know, all this snake stuff just feeds my phobia!! I had almost gotten to the point where, after I'd raised the lid, I could sit on the potty without looking for a snake!!...You have reversed all my ....progress.....naughty, naughty snakes!!

If it's non-venomous, it doesn't HAVE fangs. Duh. Pythons are constrictors, not cobras! Do you see any fangs HERE?

Snakes, why'd it have to be snakes? (Somebody had to say it..)

stroppy--easily annoyed,ill-tempered; chiefly British

ophidian--of, related to or resembling snakes

Don't think those two words would have made it into a newpaper atricle on this side of the pond...

Local Ophidian SWAT Team WBAGNFARB, although so would Slippery Sid.

Imagine the stroppy snake's surprise at finding he was in Scotland.

"I knew I ssssshould have turned left at Albequerque"

Gary Larson cartoon: "Awwwwww Mom.......do I have to sit with the Children's pythons AGAIN this Thanksgiving?"

Aaawww, it was probably a baby that got separated from it's mama. (pause) AAAAAAHHHHHHHH RUUUUNNN!!!!

Guin - Thank you very much - I was about to call BS on the whole article!

I do like the very matter of fact way the story was reported though even if it wasn't accurate...
"This prompted the python to rear and show its fangs, which in turn obliged the family to retreat to another room into which they barricaded themselves."

Only the Stroppy python has fangs.

"Dopey in the heat of the room?" I thought that pythons were happiest in the mid to upper eighties. The ambient temp determines their metabolism, heat makes them fast, not dopey. No living room in Scotland is going to be too hot for a python.

Rearing and showing it's fangs! That made me laugh out loud. Did it spread it's hood and shake it's rattle too? Then it spit venom at them.

They're very lucky it didn't fly over to them with its wings and scratch them with its huge talons.

I think "Stroppy Python" was one of the late drummers for "Spinal Tap".. or was that Stumpy Python....?

stroppy by any other name is still a f*cking snake

and how ophten do you see ophidian in a news article....

Mewkitty - should we form a support group?

*SNORK* @ puppytoes

Shakes! GREAT! We'll be having Lindsay Lohan next!

So if I order a snake, will they throw in a free TV?

I have to say, any snake that comes into my home uninvited will be assumed to have fangs, rattle, constrictors, and all other deadly implements and I refused to be convinced otherwise.

Oops, REFUSE to be convinced

the snake may not have had any fangs - but they have dozens of very pointy teeth. and yes - heat makes them perky.


That story looked far more scary! :)

I just bought 2 new TVs on line but I had in home delivery where the delivery guys (who were very large due to the size of the TVs) uncrated them, so I would have had protection.

But I would still have gone to a hotel for a couple of days, just to recover from the trauma.

Now, now , now, I have a python and it most assuredly has two very long sharp front teeth. I've been bitten with them when I didn't get the mouse into the cage quickly enough for Mr. Hungry. Non poisonous bite, but it definitely left two blooded holes on the back of my thumb worthy of a baby Dracula. If you don't call those two long, sharp pointy teeth fangs, then what DO you call them.

Much faster on the mouse drop Annie in Texas

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