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April 12, 2006



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And the Blog has already come full circle on topics today - from farts to farts.

Second and snork @ CR

Imagine the research that went into proving that this is an "objectively determinable factual reality."

*buys stock in air freshener*

Though the tribunal split on the issue,

ACK! I hate when that happens.

pssst, call me!

No brrrrp Kidding!

(Wind) breaking news out of South Africa.

so there's a whole "fart" theme to today's blogging, eh? i did that a couple of weeks ago:


had i known, i'd have waited...(i always enjoy a good tie-in)

...(i always enjoy a good tie-in)

puppytoes, who doesn't? :)

personally I prefer a good tie UP...

C'MON I reported traffic for two years! I am talkin about a TRAFFIC tie up.
Stop bein so perverse!

eleanor, kinky!

perverse? or just "fun loving"?

Hey, onions give me gas, too. And sometimes my farts have lumps. That's okay, right?

lumps ? No...not OK. I think a proctologist would smooth that right out for you.

Could somebody tell me what non-factual reality is?

So, wait a minute. There was a major lawsuit over the flatulent producing effects of beans ... and it DIDN'T take place in America?!

Non-factual reality is where my mother lives.


Lab! Does your mom know my mom?

Non-factual reality woman is also my wife.

I didn't realize that my kids were bloglits, hey you two, aren't you supposed to be in school?

beans make you fart if they aren't rinsed after soaking. Rinsing them gets rid of much of the "fart-booster" compound making them safer for Leetie to eat, or so they said in my food science class:)

It's like that rhyme our parents taught us:

"Beans, beans they're good for your heart
You were adopted
Eat on the floor
And go back to your box.

Stupid thing didn't even rhyme.

Non-factual Reality wbagnfarb

C'bol - Another piece of the puzzle falls into place.

Oh, and *SNORK*.

Sarah J - supposedly, this has been disproved - there is not a great reduction in the undigestible oligosaccharides if you soak the beans. Beano is your best bet.

Being a litigation paralegal, I'm SOOOOOO thankful I didn't have to work on the exhibits for that tribunal. Especially since some exhibits are referred to as "blow-ups".

*snork* at C'bol!

djtonyb said oligosaccharides - earning him a Triple Word Score!

SNORK @ C-Bol!

some haiku:

a gentle flapping
like wind from a sea-gull's wing
the gas that passes

lentils and limas
cooked in a stew make this one
purr like a kitten

the philosopher
grizzled sage, ponders then speaks
"don't fart on first date"

I'm pretty sure the technical term for a lumpy fart is a "shart."

Though the tribunal split on the issue, the majority of its members held that the commercial did not breach the code.

nothin' worse that a breach-splitting issue.

Temporary condition my ass.

Had to be said.

MOTW - Food - It's not just my hobby, it's an obsession. ;) I love reading about food, and the science behind it. Of course, it can get really annoying to the dinner guests...

Christobol made my sides hurt.

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