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April 12, 2006


There's wayyyyy too much interest in soccer in this country too, these days, don't you think?

(Thanks to Sarah J. and wolfie)


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well that was...um...

ok, so I couldn't open it at home, and I'll have to wait till I actually am at work, so can I at least be first?

umm... did it seem weird that he is milking a cow while the voice over is saying

"...where the men spend less time on football and more time on you ..."

I got posted!!!
*does the "I got posted" happy dance*

Does Dave know you girls are in here?

Where were these guys during the NCAA Championships?

Wolfie informed me about this article, so I HAD to look up the video. After I saw it I HAD to send it to judi, with credit to wolfie and me. :) The article quotes part of it. :)

Is that Mr Switzerland? I can't see it, apparently I need another plug-in. Stoopid computer.

Renzo Blumenthal

um, the translation's pretty messed up on that site, but really, it's the pictures that count (they are worth 1000 words each, aren't they?)

... um ... well ... I could say somethin' ... however, in the interests of World Peas ... and moi ownselfs survival to blog another day ... I will pass this time around ... (really obscure thots here ... nevermind ...)

I couldn't open it, either. Then I noticed judi said, "Attention, ladies." So maybe that was the reason I couldn't open it?

Oh my word that's embarrassing and cheesy - but I guess that's what we're known for here in Switzerland...

Oh. My. That beats a cup of coffee any day for wake-up value.

*Goes to watch it again, in case she's missed anything.*

Now THAT'S what I'm talkin' about! Excellent find.

Hmmm - must be QuickTime - OH well, now that I am at work I have something to look forward to when I get back home. I AM curious to see it though... just to see what kind of beefcake movies judi is scrounging up on the internet in the middle of the night!

I just don't buy it. Oh, they can SAY they only care about you, but you just know that when they tell you they're out engaged in animal husbandry (NTTAWWT), they're really all hangin' at Fabio's, watching Leichtenstein vs. Luxembourg.

yup, QT. and i can't seeeee iiiiit! ~fume~

But!... Congarats on the post Sarah;)

Sarah J ~ I didn't think of sending it to judi
*slaps self silly for that* I was just surfing for men. Thanks for passing it along.
Is there a 12 step program for licking your monitor? I think I need help.

what a great way to start the morning, even if they are wearing clothes. are these guys available during all sport playoffs?

there is some stuff for the guys in that one, too, i think. like: what is that guy putting on his lips? and what is "Rundfahrt"? and oh yeah, what's in that last guy's pants?

LOL! Judi--no one had commented on the lips and pants and I was getting worried!!!

The thing is...I am sure the World Cup has something to offer. **off to find pics for judi's next Attention Ladies post**

Rundfahrt = "round trip"


I would like on this blog to comment humorously to hunky farm animal completely! Not do I have desire yes, equipment, no for the viewing of video which is in my office and no plug-in! Still much blogging makes many good day harum zu fahrten!

*SNORK* @ Judi!

The lip stuff is disturbing. It looks like he just ate a powdered sugar donut, and yet he's still hawt.

It's extra powdered sugar in the pants, Judi. A big, big bag.

*goes back to watch again and look for powdered sugar in odd places*


Yes, quite a package! My, my, my....

Did anyone else find it strange that the last guy was trying to milk a BULL? That really was a disturbing video.

No, wait. It really was a cow. I think the bull was waiting in line off camera hoping the pretty boy wouldn't notice. But it was still a disturbing video.

*Snork* @ mud

i just want to know how they got their hands on that video of me forking hay.


"Bull Fluffers" W-not-BAGNFARB.

JU - your mom sent it in - something about "look at my boy before he discovered beer 30 years ago...."

Someone pass me the brain bleach to get that milking guy out of my head.... Seems like he REALLY ENJOYED milking that cow...

of course he did. He was getting paid big bucks to do it!

Anyone else think that the subway fellow looked like the Brawny Escapes guy?

Just me? Okay, then.

These are our choices? Farm hands and transit workers? Where are the musicians and artists?

*throws sock full o' nickels at Higgy*

I don't care who he is or where he is or even that I had to download something to see it - it was worth it!!! I wanna go to Switzerland....Sigh.....

Judi, once again you prove to the world your excellent taste in . . commercials.

i think italy needs to do a follow up on this marketing idea. not that it would be true, because the guys spend too much time watching soccer... but maybe they could use their soccer players instead? ahhhh yes.

I agree with the author. Thanks

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